Computer Data Recovery

Recover all sorts of data lost from the computer running Windows or macOS.

Best Way to Recover Old & New MySpace Messages, Videos and Photos

Is there any way at all to retrieve old myspace messages? Here we'll tell you how to bring back your old Myspace messages, photos and more.

user By Taylor Clark |May 24, 2021

How to Downgrade macOS/Mac OS X without Losing Data

If you don't like your new macOS Catalina/Mojave, you can downgrade the Mac OS. You need to backup data firstly and then use the following methods to downgrade OS.

user By Simon Marcus |May 24, 2021

3 Best Ways on How to Delete GoPro Videos You Shouldn't Miss

Not sure if there is enough room for your next adventure and want to know how to delete videos from GoPro? Learn the three best ways to go about this here.

user By Alva Doris |May 24, 2021

Methods to Recover and Repair Corrupted PSD Files

Are you looking for a way to recover and repair corrupted Photoshop files? In this article, you will find easy and quick methods to recover PSD files.

user By Simon Marcus |May 24, 2021

Mac Keeps Crashing? This Is Why and How to Fix It

You'll understand the reason why your MacBook keeps crashing and how to troubleshoot & fix the issue after reading this guide.

user By Alva Doris |May 24, 2021

[Solved] How to Recover Files from Crashed/Dead Mac

Don't panic when your Mac suddenly crashed, this article will show you how to recover lost data and files from crashed/dead mac, check them out!

user By James Crawford |May 24, 2021

3 Best Tricks & Tips on How to Recover Indesign File on Mac

Lost Adobe Indesign file due to some reason? Here are 3 tricks on how to recover unsaved, deleted or corrupted indesign file on Mac.

user By Alva Doris |May 24, 2021

3 Best Shortcut Virus Remover You Should Never Miss in 2020

Shortcut virus can infect the flash drive and spread from one drive to another. Here are some best removal tools to remove shortcut virus from Windows PC.

user By Alva Doris |May 24, 2021

[Solved] Transcend USB Drive Not Working, How to Repair It?

Transcend USB flash drive not working? If you want to repair it without data loss, then follow the guide below to fix it without any hassle.

user By Alva Doris |May 24, 2021

Fix: "The request failed due to a fatal device hardware error"

“The request failed due to a fatal device hardware error” usually occurs when your hard disk is unable to access or perform. Check solutions here to remove this error.

user By Simon Marcus |May 24, 2021