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[Fixed] Lexar Flash Drive Red Light Stays On

What to do if your Lexar flash drive stays on red and doesn't go on to blink? This blog post will tell you why it happens and a few steps to solve the problem.

userBy Simon Marcus|Feb 16, 2022

Best SD Cards for GoPro Camera in 2021 [HERO 7/8/9 Included]

What are the best SD cards for GoPro camera? We have made this list based on official recommendation and customers reviews, check it out!

userBy Scott Tarmey|Sep 17, 2021

[The Ultimate Guide] How to Fix Corrupted USB Drive on Mac

This page describes the best ways to fix a corrupted USB drive on Mac and the essential things you should know about corrupted USB.

userBy Greyson Cyrus|Sep 14, 2021

Top 8 Ways to Fix "USB Access Denied" Problem in Windows 11/10

Here are 8 best ways to fix USB access denied issue. Stick to this page to gain access to your external hard disk, USB drive, pen drive, etc.

userBy Simon Marcus|Sep 14, 2021

[Windows & Mac] How to Convert Bootable USB to Normal

Are you finding the methods to convert bootable USB to normal? To return your bootable pen drive back to normal both on Winows and Mac, stick to this page!

userBy Greyson Cyrus|Sep 08, 2021

[Solved] Seagate External Hard Disk Light Blinking But Not Detecting

Ever faced with the issue of Seagate external hard disk light blinking but not detecting? Here's a guide to show you 6 possible methods to solve it.

userBy Scott Tarmey|Sep 08, 2021

5 Fixes: This Device is Currently in Use [Windows 11/10/7]

Did you get the error message "This device is currently in use" when trying to the drive? Here are 5 easy fixes to safely eject your device, enjoy!

userBy James Crawford|Aug 27, 2021

How to Show Hidden Files in USB

Sometimes, the files in your USB flash drive may be hidden and you cannot see them. Don't worry, this guide shows the easiest ways to show hidden files in USB.

userBy Taylor Clark|Aug 26, 2021

[Fixed] USB Device Not Recognized Keeps Popping Up

It is irritating when the USB device not recognized error keeps popping up. But don't worry, here we’ll show you how to easily fix it.

userBy Taylor Clark|Aug 26, 2021