Best 2 Ways to Recover Files from Formatted SD Card [2020]

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Formatting is the name given to the process of preparing any data storage device for its initial use. If you format a storage device, you will lose all the data you had stored on it. Maybe you formatted your SD card by mistake. Maybe the SD card was behaving abnormally and the only solution you had was to format it. This article will help you recover files from formatted SD card.

Before we talk about how to recover formatted SD card, let's see what happens when you format your SD card.

What Happens When You Format SD Card and Can You Recover It?

Formatting your SD card does not completely remove data from the storage device. However, the space on the SD card is marked as available for new data. The original files will still be available on the SD card although you won't be able to see them.

The only time the formatted data will disappear forever is if you store additional data on the SD card. The new data will overwrite the formatted data. If the formatted data is yet to be overwritten, then it is possible to recover files from formatted SD card.

How to Recover Formatted SD Card Free: 2 Ways

1Recover Data from Formatted SD Card with AnyRecover

One of the best ways to recover files from formatted SD card is by using AnyRecover. The tool has a recovery rate that exceeds 98%. It is capable of helping you recover more than just the formatted data. It will help you to recover data lost via any other means including virus or malware attack, accidental deletion, power outage, etc.

The main features AnyRecover users enjoy include:


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  • It will recover files from formatted SD card easily and quickly. The file types it supports including photos, audios, documents, videos, emails, etc.

  • The tool supports data recovery on all storage mediums. Including formatted SD card, camcorders, cameras, mobile phones, hard drives, flash drives, etc.

  • 100% safe to use. During recovery, AnyRecover will not overwrite your data.

  • Allow you to preview before data recovery, easy to handle, no tech required.

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Let's Stat Recovering

Here are the steps to recover formatted SD card for free:

Step 1: Launch AnyRecover on your PC, then connect your formatted SD card to your computer and select the formatted disk you want to recover data from.

select location

Step 2: Start scanning by clicking on Start button. You can pause to locate your targeted files or stop it during the process.

start scanning

Step 3: After scanning, all your files will be found. Just select what you want to recover and click on the "Recover" button to get all your files back to your SD card.

preview and recover

Note: There is no guarantee that your formatted files will be recovered if they are already overwritten. To avoid overwriting your lost files, stop using your SD card immediately after formatting it.

2Recover Formatted SD Card Using the CMD

You can use the command prompt to recover data from formatted SD card. To do this, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Connect your SD card to the PC. Check the SD card drive letter via the Disk Management or by opening "This PC" or "Computer".

Step 2: Run CMD as administrator: Type cmd on the search filed, find the Command Prompt then right click on it, you'll find the "Run as administrator" option.

Step 3: Type chkdsk H: /r and hit Enter. Note that H is the drive letter for the SD card. If the command prompt informs you that the volume is in use, type Y and hit Enter again.


4 Tips to Maintaining Your SD Card

  • Format the card in your camera - This will help prepare the SD card to work with the camera hardware.

  • Keep track of the SD card capacity - Trying to take more pictures than your SD card can store can erase or corrupt some of your images.

  • Be diligent about creating SD card backups - In the event you lose all data on your SD card, you will have a backup to recover it from.

  • Be prepared for every occasion - Make sure you have a data recovery software to help you recover your data in the case of data loss via means you have no control over.



If you have formatted your SD card, you don't have to panic. You can recover data from formatted SD card easily. This article shows you 2 verified methods to do this. We would recommend you to try AnyRecover. This tool guarantees you over 98% data recovery rate.

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