Cookie Policy

This page acts as a legal document and Privacy Policy for both our website ( and CLEVERGUARD Technology Co. Ltd as required by the GDPR – European General Data Protection Regulation. By continuing to use our Website and/or software, you are agreeing to comply with and also be bound by this privacy policy. Please read through the terms in this policy carefully.


The terms “us”, “we”, and “our” refer to CLEVERGUARD Technology Co. Ltd, our website (, the software, the website owner. A “Visitor” is someone who merely browses our website. A “Subscriber” is an individual who has registered himself or herself with our software in order to use our services. A “User” collectively refers to a visitor, subscriber, or an individual who has already downloaded our software to continue using our services.

Web Beacons, which are also called “Pixels, image tags, or script tags”, are similar to cookies; they work together with cookies in a website or app to identify users and provide data and information on their behavior within the site or app.

Similar Technologies define technologies that store information on your browser of device hard drives such as HTML 5 cookies, flash cookies, or other technologies.

Types of Cookies

1. Session Cookies

The session cookies are only stored on your device during a browsing session in order to allow you use our software or browse our website without having to enter your credentials on every unique page you open. They do not gather or keep personal information and are automatically erased from your device once you end a browsing session.

2. Persistent Cookies

The persistence cookies are the clear opposite of the session cookies; they are stored on your device as a file and remain in the device even after the browsing session has ended. They are needful for Google Analytics, and can only be read by the website or mobile app that owns them.

Our Use of Cookies, Web Beacons, and Similar Technologies

1. Store Preferences and Settings

Cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies store setting that allow our website and software function correctly, and keeps a record of your preferences over time to ensure they do not reset every time you visit our site.

2. Security

Cookies help to detect malicious and fraudulent activities, and abuse of our software, website and services.

3. Store the Information You Provide

Our cookies store information you provided when using our services such as email address, feedback, and other information you offered when using our website, services or software.

4. Social Media

We use cookies for improved social media experience. It enables users who are log on to our social media pages to share content via the service.

5. Performance

We use Cookies on our website for load balancing, which ensures that the website remains up and running.

6. Analytics

To make our products and services available to you, we utilize cookies and other identifiers to gather usage performance data. For instance, we utilize cookies and other identifiers to determine the number of unique visitors to each unique web page, services used, and to develop statistics on the operations of our website, app, services and products. This category also includes cookies from AnyRecover and other third-party analytical service providers.

Note: There are a few third-party links on our website, these also use cookies and we have little or no control over them. These third-party links include providers of traffic analytic services, payment processing services, etc. They are usually classified under performance/analytical or targeted cookies.

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