[Solved] How To Recover Sony RSV Files With Ease

2023-11-22 17:34:06
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Sony cameras are popular for their video and photo quality. People have been using Sony cameras for decades without even complaining about the camera. However, sometimes shooting a video with a Sony camera might end up disappointing as the video you've clicked might get converted into an RSV file. This issue may occur for various reasons, but we'll tell you how to recover sony RSV file.

what is rsv file

Part 1. What is an RSV File?

Sometimes, when you shoot a video through a Sony camera, the camera might crash and save the video as an RSV file rather than as MXF. When this thing happens, your hours of struggle in creating the video might go in vain. Since the RSV files are raw files, opening these files will be a lot of a struggle. To open the RSV file, you'll need to repair the RSV file in the first place; for that matter, opting for the third-party tool seems important. We'll introduce the best data recovery software to easily repair and recover the RSV file.

Part 2. How to Recover Sony RSV File

If the Sony RSV file got deleted and you want to recover the files, opting for data recovery software like AnyRecover becomes paramount. With AnyRecover, you can recover corrupted and lost data faster than you think. It is a flawless data recovery tool that supports almost all devices.

Its most outstanding feature is its ability to retrieve data from any device, regardless of the reason for file loss. If you are having trouble accessing your Sony files due to their becoming RAW or RSV, then the iMyFone AnyRecover is the ideal solution for you. Among the top SD card recovery tools, AnyRecover is the most reliable software for restoring your lost data, even if the SD card is formatted. It supports the recovery of over 1000 file types, including Sony A7SIII RSV file and Sony FX3 RSV file.


AnyRecover Key features include:

  • All-in-one data recovery tool supports recovering data from Windows,Mac,iOS devices;
  • Support to restore data from corrupted devices, emptied recycle bin,raw partition, formatted partition,etc;
  • Recover the lost data from cameras,USB flash drives, SD cards, SSDs,and more;
  • 100% safe for your devices
  • Preview the data you need before retrieving it
  • Helps you to retrieve the lost RSV files in one-click

How to recover RSV file via AnyRecover

Step 1: Install the AnyRecover on your PC and select the "PC&Hard Drive Recovery".

recover Sony RSV File

Step 2: Connect Sony SD card to PC. Navigate to where you've lost the RSV files and click on "Scan" to begin scanning Sony SD card data.

The process takes a few minutes, depending upon the speed of your files size. You also can type the RSV file's name on the search bar, which can help you quickly find the data you need.

scan Sony RSV File

Step 3: Preview the data, and after selecting the files you'd want to retrieve, tap on the '' Recover'' icon to begin getting the lost data back.

preview Sony RSV File

Since AnyRecover comes up with highly professional features, it will only take a few moments to recover all the data.

Best Sony RSV File Recovery Tool

100% secure and legit tool to recover deleted sony rsv files and repair corrupted files.

Video Tutorial on How to Recover Sony RSV File

how to recover corrupted rsv file
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Part 3. How to Open RSV Files?

You can rely upon the RSV openers application to launch the RSV files. However, it would help if you remembered that some RSV files come up with different file extensions. Thus, you’ll need to have found the file extension to open the RSV file even with the software.

You'll find multiple software offering you to open the RSV files, but only a few tools are effective and reliable.

Here's the list of those reliable Sony RSV file opener tools.

1. Moldex3D Viewer

2. Recover My files

3. Ray's Game System Player

Part 4. FAQs about Sony RSV File Recovery

4.1 Why do Sony MP4 files become RSV files?

There might be the following reasons behind your MP4 files becoming the RSV files.

  • Your Sony camera got turned off while shooting the videos.

  • If a power outage occurs during the recording, it could also lead you to the chaos you're currently dealing with.

  • Upon deleting the MXF files, they might get converted into RSV files.

  • If MXF files get corrupted, they will become RSV files.

  • A malware or virus attack could cause the issue you're currently experiencing.

4.2 How to convert RSV file to mp4?

You can convert the RSV file to MP4 using various converters, including FileProinfo, File-Extensions.org, or File Type Advisor. However, converting the RSV file to MP4 might tinker with data quality. Thus, you're recommended to use the AnyRecover to repair the corrupted data, which will help you access the Sony camera files in original quality.

4.3 How to repair a Sony RSV file?

If you're struggling with the Sony RSV file and intend to repair it, taking the services of AnyRecover will be an excellent decision.

You can install this software to retrieve the corrupted RSV files without tinkering with the resolution of the videos. It is mesmerizing and user-friendly data recovery software that enables you to restore 1000+ types of data without breaking a sweat.

Final Words

Struggling to open an RSV file isn't justified by any means, as it could frustrate you at the time. Apart from helping you know everything about the RSV file, we've recommended the AnyRecover to help you recover the RSV file. It is highly rated and recommended software capable of retrieving corrupt data quickly.

【Bonus for sony recovery】How to Use AnyRecover Coupon Code

Copy the coupon code and go to AnyRecover Purchase Page. After choosing a plan, click on “I have a coupon” and paste the code on it.

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