[Fixed] How to Delete and Recover Deleted Messages on Tinder?

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In the fast-paced world of online dating, Tinder has become one of the most popular platforms for meeting new people and forging connections. However, sometimes you may find yourself in a situation where you need to delete messages on Tinder or even recover deleted messages. This article will guide you questions for like “how to delete a Tinder message?” “ how to recover deleted messages on Tinder ” with step-by-step methods.

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Part 1.How to Delete a Tinder Message?

Deleting Tinder messages are a simple process that can help you declutter your inbox and maintain a clean conversation history. Here's 3 ways you can do it:

Method 1: Deleting the Conversation

The first method we will explore is the standard way of deleting conversations on any social media platform. This method removes the conversation from your device but keeps a copy on the other person's device. It's a less drastic approach for getting rid of messages on the Tinder app. Here's how to delete a conversation on Tinder:

Step 1:Tap on the message icon located at the bottom right corner of your screen, next to the profile icon. nd the person's conversation you want to delete and swipe left in the "Message" tab.

Step 2:A pop-up message will appear; select "Delete" to remove the conversation.>

Method 2: Unmatching the Profile

Another method to delete a conversation on the Tinder app is by unmatching the profile. When you unmatch a profile, the entire conversation with that person will be deleted from both your device and their device. It's important to note that unmatching is irreversible, except for the slim chance of matching again in the future. Here's how to unmatch a profile on Tinder:

Step 1:Launch the Tinder app on your smartphone and go to the "Message" tab. Tap on the message of the user you want to unmatch.

Step 2:Tap on the blue shield icon located at the top right corner of the conversation.

Step 3:From the pop-up options, choose either "Report/Unmatch" or "Unmatch" only to delete the conversation.

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Method 3: Deleting Your Account

If you wish to delete all conversations and unmatched profiles on Tinder, deleting your account is an effective option. This method allows you to start fresh and remove all chat history. Alternatively, you can create a new account and abandon the old one if you decide to reconnect with old friends in the future. Here's how to delete your account on the Tinder app:

Step 1:Open the Tinder app on your smartphone.

Step 2:Tap on the blue shield icon located at the top right corner of the conversation. Tap on the profile icon located at the bottom right corner of your screen.

Step 3:In the "Profile" tab, select the "Settings" option. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the "Delete Account" option.

Step 4:A pop-up will appear; confirm the deletion of your account by selecting "Delete Account," and your profile data will be permanently removed.

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Part 2.Can You Recover a Deleted Tinder Message?

Accidentally deleting an important message on Tinder can be frustrating. However, there is still a chance to recover deleted messages. The recovery process varies depending on the device you are using. Let's explore the methods for recovering deleted messages on Tinder for both Android and iPhone users.

Part 3. How To Recover Deleted Messages On Tinder?

Recovering deleted Tinder messages can be easily finished by follow the following 3 methods mentioned

Method 1: Recover Deleted Tinder Messages from Account Data

Step 1:Open Google's homepage on your computer and search for "Request Tinder Data". Afterwards, press Enter. The top search result will be help.tinder.com. Click on the link to access another page where you can obtain a copy of your Tinder data.Alternatively, you can copy and paste the following link into a new tab of your web browser: https://account.gotinder.com/data.

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Step 2:Upon entering the link, you will be redirected to the "Manage my Account" page. Here, you can choose to log in using your phone number, Google, or Facebook account. Select the option you usually use to log into your Tinder account.

Step 3: A new tab will open, displaying "Download My Information" in bold. Below it, you will find a reddish button with the same message in capital letters. To download all your data, click on this button to proceed to the next page.

Step 4:Enter the email address where you want to receive the link to your Tinder data. For added security, you will need to confirm your email address before proceeding. Once you have entered your address twice, a reddish "SUBMIT" button will appear. Click on it.

Step 5:After clicking "SUBMIT," you will be directed to the final page where Tinder will inform you that you are all set! They will mention that it takes a couple of days for them to gather all your data and generate a comprehensive report. They will then email you the link. Remember to log out of your account at this stage. Now, all you have to do is wait for the email and hope that the deleted messages you were seeking are included.

Method 2: Recover Deleted Tinder Messages from iCloud/iTunes/Google Drive with Backup


AnyRecover Key Features:

  • File Recovery: Recover 1000 files data from lost EFI system partitions; recycle bin, formatted disk, external flash drives, etc.
  • Preview Function: The software offers a preview function that allows users to preview recoverable data before they make any purchases.
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The method we discussed in the previous section, which involves downloading your Tinder data, works for both Android and iOS users. If you are an iPhone user, there is an easier way to recover deleted messages without going through all the aforementioned steps. Most iPhone users regularly back up their data on iCloud. If you are one of them, we can help you complete the task within minutes.

For iPhone users who prefer using native methods for data recovery, the following options are available

No 1: Recover Deleted Tinder Messages from iCloud

Step 1:Ensure that you have enabled iCloud backups on your iPhone. Go to "Settings" on your iPhone and tap on your name at the top.

Step 2:Select "iCloud" and make sure that "Messages" is turned on. v

Step 3: If you have a recent iCloud backup, you can restore your iPhone using that backup. After the restore process, open the Tinder app and check if your deleted messages have been recovered.

No 2: Recover Deleted Tinder Messages from iTunes

Step 1:Connect your iPhone to the computer you use for iTunes backups. Launch iTunes and select your device when it appears.

Step 2:Click on the "Restore Backup" option. Choose the most recent backup that includes your Tinder messages.

Step 3:Wait for the restore process to complete. Open the Tinder app and check if your deleted messages have been restored.

No 3: Recover Deleted Tinder Messages from Android with Google backup

Step 1:Open the Google Drive app on your Android device and log in to your Google account. Tap on the menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the top-left corner.

Step 2:Go to "Backups" and select the appropriate backup file. Look for the Tinder app data and restore it to your device.

Step 3:Once the restore is complete, open the Tinder app and check if your deleted messages have been recovered.and check if your deleted messages have been restored.

Method 3: Recover Deleted Tinder Messages from Phone with AnyRecover

Recovering deleted Tinder messages directly from iCloud or iTunes can result in the permanent deletion of the original files if they get overwritten in the process. To avoid this, you can use the AnyRecoverdata recovery tool for assistance to restore your deleted messages on your phone directly.

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Step 1 : Connect and Scan Your iOS Device.After launching data recovery software, choose the Recover From Device module

Guide Images

Step 2: After scanning, you can "Preview" and Select "data you want to restore from iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

Guide Images Step 3 : You can choose "Recover to Computer" or 'Reocver to Device"After scanning to recover data lastly

Guide Images


Whether you are an Android or iPhone user, you must clear about how to delete a Tinder message; how to recover deleted messages on Tinder. By following the outlined steps and using tools like AnyRecover, you can regain access to your valuable conversations and continue your Tinder journey with ease.

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