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How to Encrypt/Decrypt an SD Card [2019 Updated]

Encrypting an SD card can effectively guard data security. However, decryption is necessary in some case. This post would save you from all the trouble.

userBy Alva Doris|Oct 24, 2019

Solved: How to Format an SD Card for GoPro without Data Loss

To fix a GoPro camera issue, you can choose to format the SD card on it. This post will show you the best ways to format an SD card for GoPro without data loss.

userBy Alva Doris|Oct 24, 2019

How to Decrypt and Recover Cerber Ransomware Infected Data?

If you happen to fall victim to the dangerous threat - Cerber Ransomware, no need to panic. Here you'll learn how to decrypt Cerber Ransomware and recover data.

userBy Alva Doris|Oct 23, 2019

[2019] How to Fix Windows 10 Blue Screen of Death without Data Loss

Did you encounter the infamous “Blue screen of death” on your Windows 10 computer? Don’t panic because we are here to walk you through the steps to troubleshoot and fix the dreaded Blue Screen of Death error on Windows 10.

userBy Taylor Clark|Oct 23, 2019

How to Recover an Accidentally Saved Over Word Document?

If you accidentally saved over a Word document, there is no need to panic, here we offer different approaches to recover overwritten documents with ease.

userBy James Crawford|Oct 23, 2019

[Fixed] Windows Update Deleted Everything - How to Get Them Back

Windows update deleted everything on your computer? Try the 4 effective ways to restore them quickly and safely.

userBy James Crawford|Oct 23, 2019

Top 4 Ways to Recover Deleted Notes on Mac [100% Work]

Notes disappeared from mac or you delete them accidentally? Fear not, come here to learn the 4 verified ways to recover deleted notes on Mac.

userBy Simon Marcus|Oct 23, 2019

Top Fixes to "Excel Not Responding When Saving" Problem

Is your excel not responding when saving? This post offers best solutions to solve the problem effectively and shows you how to recover unsaved excel files.

userBy Alva Doris|Oct 23, 2019

[Easily Solved] How to Recover Deleted Skype Chat History

Accidentally delete your skype chat history? Try the effective 3 ways to get it back easily.

userBy James Crawford|Oct 22, 2019

How to Repair a Corrupted XD Card and Recover Data from It

If your XD card becomes corrupted, here you will learn how to repair it and recover data from it effectively.

userBy Alva Doris|Oct 22, 2019