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What Kind of Data Can Be Lost When A Computer Is Turned Off & How to Recover?

Can I recover the data lost when the computer is accidentally shut down? This post will tell you answer and solutions, read to know more

userBy James Crawford|Jun 03, 2019

Fix Outlook Not Responding Issue and Recover the Lost File

Outlook not responding is one of the most irritating messages for Outlook users. This guide talks about the ways to fix Outlook not responding error.

userBy Mike Sangster|May 31, 2019

Format a USB Drive to FAT32 on Mac: All You Need to Know

If you want to use your USB drive on both Windows PC and Mac, you may need to format the drive to FAT32 on Mac. Below are some easy steps to guide you to do so.

userBy Alva Doris|May 31, 2019

[Solved] How to Fix a Corrupted Flash Drive without Formatting

How to fix a corrupted flash drive without formatting? Here are several solutions that you might try to solve the problem and reasons for USB drive corruption.

userBy Alva Doris|May 30, 2019

[2019] Best USB Recovery Software to Recover Lost USB Files

Feeling helpless when files missing from your USB drive? This article provides powerful USB recovery solution to recover lost files from USB drive.

userBy Mike Sangster|May 30, 2019

Mac Data Recovery Guru: Never Use It before Reading This

When it comes to lost files, don't panic as you can restore them easily with recovery tools. But is Mac Data Recovery worth trying? Find the answer here.

userBy Simon Marcus|May 30, 2019

How to Recover Data from Hard Disk Which Is Not Detecting

Hard disk undetected when you need to use data? This article offers solution on how to recover data from hard disk which is not detecting and fix the issue.

userBy Mike Sangster|May 29, 2019

Mac Won't Boot or Turn on? Learn the Best Solution in 2019

What to do if your Mac won't boot or turn on? Fear not, this post to troubleshooting Mac won't boot problem will get it fixed quickly.

userBy Simon Marcus|May 29, 2019

Navigating Around Hard Drive Failure: Recovery, Causes, Signs

It's very frustrating when your hard disk failure. But don't worry, this post list the hard drive failure recovery, causes and signs to help you fix this issue.

userBy Simon Marcus|May 29, 2019

5 Free Data Recovery Software Windows: Which Should You Choose

Accidentally deleted or lost some important files? Here these free data recovery software might help. Compare the pros and cons to choose the best one for you.

userBy Alva Doris|May 28, 2019