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8 Ways to Fix Corrupted Files (Windows 11/10/8/7/XP Supported)

Corrupted files could happen to all kinds of files on the computer, even the system files. In this article, you will learn 8 possible solutions to repair the files.

user By Simon Marcus |Oct 17, 2022

[Solved] How to Undelete Profile that I Mistakenly Deleted?

This article helps you recover your deleted user profile in 4 effective ways, read to know more...

user By James Crawford |Oct 17, 2022

How to Recover Deleted Files from Recycle Bin after Empty?

Have you mistakenly deleted a file and emptied your Recycle Bin before realizing? You can still recover deleted files from recycle bin after empty by employing one of four different methods.

user By James Crawford |Oct 17, 2022

Recover Deleted Files from Olympus & Sony Voice Recorder

Recovering deleted files from digital voice recorder is possible. Here we provide tried-and-true way to undo delete the voice recorder for you.

user By Taylor Clark |Oct 17, 2022

How Much Does AnyRecover Cost, and Is There Any Discount?

Do you want to know the price of AnyRecover and whether there is an available coupon code? Check this article and the answer is here, a bonus gift is for you.

user By James Crawford |Oct 17, 2022

How to Recover Data from Found.000 Folder

In this post, you'll learn how to recover CHK files in the found.000 Folder. In case you have deleted or lost the found.000 folder, AnyRecover will help you get it back.

user By Simon Marcus |Oct 08, 2022

[Full Guide] How to Undo ESD-USB and Get it Back to Normal?

Did you accidentally convert an external hard drive into ESD-USB format? Read this post and learn how to undo ESD-USB back to normal and recover your lost data!

user By Scott Tarmey |Sep 27, 2022

[2023] Top 3 Ways to Recover Deleted Files Not in Recycle Bin

Delete files do not show up in Recycle Bin? This post will tell you why this situation happened to you, how to avoid it in the future, and how to recover those deleted files.

user By Alva Doris |Sep 27, 2022

[Solved] My Folder is Disappeared in Windows 10/11, What to Do Now?

People often complain about the issue of folders or files disappearing on Windows 10/11. Here are 6 effective ways to fix the problem, get your folder back now!

user By James Crawford |Sep 26, 2022

Is AnyRecover Free? Find the Answer Here

AnyRecover is a third-party data recovery program that enables you to recover data easily. If you want to know: is iMyFone AnyRecover free? Find the answer here.

user By Simon Marcus |Sep 26, 2022