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How to Fix A Mac that Keeps Shutting Down Randomly

Did you MacBook keep shutting down while working? This post will introduce easy ways to help solve random Mac shutdows and also help recover lost Mac data.

userBy James Crawford|Jun 09, 2020

SanDisk Recovery: How to Recover Lost SanDisk Data on Mac

Want to do Sandisk data recovery for Mac? You've come to the right place, read on to learn how to recover deleted/corrupted files from SanDisk on Mac.

userBy James Crawford|May 28, 2020

How Can I Recover Deleted Partition on Mac Safely

Accidentally deleting partition on Mac? This post provides easy ways to recover deleted/lost Mac partition and manage your Mac partition properly.

userBy James Crawford|May 26, 2020

Kingston Recovery - Recover Data from Kingston SSD/USB Drive/SD Card

In this blog post we investigate Kingston data recovery, including why data gets lost, and steps on how to use data recovery software to restore deleted data.

userBy Simon Marcus|May 17, 2022

[2021] 5 Best SD Card Recovery Software Free Download Full Version

Accidentally deleted or lost some files from SD memory card? Here we list the 5 best SD card recovery software with free download full version, find the best one here.

userBy Alva Doris|May 17, 2022

[2020] Best Alternative to Official Seagate File Recovery Software

Seagate File Recovery is an useful software to recover lost data,this article introduces how to use it and offers a better alternative AnyRecover.

userBy Mike Sangster|May 17, 2022

[2021 Updated] Recover Unsaved/Deleted PowerPoint Effectively

Forgot to save your important Powerpoint presentation? Deleted Powerpoint file accidentally? Don't worry! Recover it here in a few clicks without any hassle!

userBy Simon Marcus|May 17, 2022

What Kind of Data Can Be Lost When A Computer Is Turned Off & How to Recover?

When a computer is accidentally turned off, can I recover the data? Read this post to find solutions to recover lost data.

userBy James Crawford|Apr 14, 2022

[Free] Screenshot Recovery for PC/Mac & Android Devices

Lost important screenshots on your PC/Mac or Android? Check out the easy way to recover them in minutes in this article.

userBy James Crawford|Apr 14, 2022

4 Useful Methods to Clear Instagram Cache on iPhone

Phone running slow because of the Instagram cache? Learn how to clear the Instagram cache on an iPhone to create more space for storage and better functioning.

userBy Simon Marcus|Apr 14, 2022