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[5 Ways] How to Recover Files Deleted by Antivirus

Did your files get deleted after removing the virus? Don't worry. We will walk you through all the methods to recover files deleted by antivirus.

user By Simon Marcus |Nov 18, 2022

The Best Way to Recover Deleted Vimeo Videos

Have your Vimeo videos been deleted, and do you want to recover them? This guide is what you have been looking for to recover deleted Vimeo videos.

user By Simon Marcus |Nov 17, 2022

How to Recover Deleted Videos From Canon Camera

In this post, you'll find all the possible ways to recover deleted videos from canon camera. Read on to explore more.

user By Simon Marcus |Nov 08, 2022

Top 4 Ways to Recover Data from Crashed Windows 11/10

If you are frustrated by losing all your data after Windows computer crashed, don't panic. Here are some 4 best ways to recover data from crashed Windows 10 and 11!

user By Simon Marcus |Nov 01, 2022

Top 4 Ways to Recover Deleted Files from a Specific Folder

Lost or accidentally deleted a file from a specific folder? Read and find out how to recover your lost data in 4 different ways!

user By Simon Marcus |Oct 28, 2022

Top 6 Ways to Recover Files Lost in Cut and Paste

Download AnyRecover software to help you recover files lost in cut and paste operations, and restore all deleted files on your Windows computer.

user By Simon Marcus |Oct 28, 2022

How to Fix Folders Turned into Shortcuts Error and Recover Shortcut Files?

Your folders turned into shortcuts on your Windows computer? Check out the fixes here and the ways on how to recover shortcut files.

user By Simon Marcus |Jan 17, 2022

How to Recover Missing or Deleted Firefox Bookmarks

If you want to know how to restore Firefox bookmarks, you can find 8 ways to recover deleted or missing Firefox bookmarks in this article.

user By Simon Marcus |Jan 17, 2022

Does "Scan and Fix" Delete Files? How to Recover Them?

Does scan and fix delete files? If the answer is yes, how to recover the deleted files? Find them out in this article.

user By Simon Marcus |Jan 11, 2022

Fixed: Recuva Recovered Files Unreadable/Won't Open

Are you finding that you cannot open recovered files Recuva has brought back? Then we have a series of useful solutions to try out for you here.

user By Simon Marcus |Jan 06, 2022