DriveSavers Data Recovery Service Review: Is It Worth Trying

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Data recovery is one issue that can come haunting you at any time in life. Well, there can be multiple ways for you to recover data by either seeking data recovery services or by using data recovery software. The choice is yours, but let us make it easier for you by reviewing one of the most popular data recovery service providers, the DriveSavers Data Recovery.

1DriveSavers Data Recovery Full Review: Does It Work?

The DriveSavers Data Recovery offers one of the best services in the data recovery industry. In order for you to understand better, let's have a look at all the Pros and Cons you get with using the DriveSavers Data Recovery Services.

1Pros and Cons of DriveSavers Data Recovery

  • Provides services for all types of storage devices including HDD, SSD, CF, Mobile storage, etc.

  • There is a high recovery rate (almost above 90%) for the data files

  • Your data stays safe with DriveSavers Data Recovery which makes it a number one choice for the enterprises

  • The highly sterile work environment for data recovery

  • The Pricing is high, which makes it an exclusive service mostly used by businesses

  • The time for recovery may take a few days, which can cause a lag in the work for users

  • Due to the high workload, communication between users and the company often become an issue


DriveSavers Data Recovery price varies based on a few factors. These factors include:

  • The Capacity of the device

  • The level of damage to the drive/data

  • The level of recovery that is achieved

Once you send the device there will be an evaluation process based on the package you have selected. The standard plan provides you with 1-2 business days while the economy plan has a waiting period of 5-7 days.

Thus, based on all the scenarios, the price of the operation is determined. As a ballpark figure, the average price for the recovery of a regular i-phone data drive can cost anything from $800 - $2000, with a 70% recovery of the entire data.

3Recovery Environment

One of the standout features of DriveSavers Data Recovery is their state of the art ISO 5 Class 100 recovery environment. In layman terms, it translates to a very clean working environment where there are fewer than 100,000 particles, where the normal air contains almost 35 million particles. This makes DriveSavers Data Recovery as a number one choice of the enterprises and high-tech firms who cannot afford to lose their data to dusty recovery rooms.  

2Why Not Try Data Recovery Software First?

While DriveSavers Data Recovery is a wonderful and reliable option for data recovery, its exorbitant prices make it a very difficult solution for normal users. Thus, users who do not have very sensitive data in their drives or are unable to afford the high prices of the DriveSavers Data Recovery can go for data recovery software like AnyRecover from iMyFone.


AnyRecover is one of the most versatile and robust data recovery tools out there. And what's more, you can do all your data recoveries yourself sitting at home. Here are some of the main features of the Anyrecover software.


1,000,000 + Downloads

Features of AnyRecover

  • With Anyrecover software you can now recover almost any of files after data loss.

  • The recovery process is absolutely safe and none of your files will be damaged or overwritten during the recovery process.

  • 98% success rate at recovering lost files which is a very high percentage in terms of data recovery software and services.

  • Free Trial available, allow you to try it for free before purchasing.

Try It FreeTry It Free

In case you want to recover your lost data without sending your data drive, you can download AnyRecover and enjoy its multiple benefits.

AnyRecover recovery options

After downloading the AnyRecover software, you can just simply open the tool and search for the files you can recover. It is easy and simple.  

all round recover

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By Simon Marcus , to Hard Drive Recovery

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

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