2022 Best Way to Recover Deleted/Lost Videos from Dashcam

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I have a dashcam in my car. Days ago, while returning home from work, a truck came out of nowhere and rammed into me. Both our cars were damaged, but thankfully, no one got hurt. I've met with the truck driver regarding fixing my car, but he says I'm at fault. I need to check my dashcam recordings, but the video was missing. How can I retrieve dashcam footage of the incident?

dashcam video recovery

Dashcam, also known as driving recorder, car camera, or car DVR, is one of the most essential car accessories. In the case of a roadside event, the video evidence from a dashcam will play an important role to decide who is at fault.  However,  such video recordings are prone to get lost, which makes it harder to explain a road accident.

Do not worry if you are stuck in this situation, read this guide to get the best dashcam recovery software for retrieving deleted/lost videos from your dashcam.

Can A Deleted Dashcam Footage be Recovered?

The simple answer to this question is Yes. Before showing how to recover deleted dashcam videos, we must first understand how a dashcam works and why your dashcam footage was lost.

1.1 How Does a Dashcam Work?

Dashcams are fitted on the windscreen or dashboard of a vehicle and are powered by a cigarette lighter or the car's fuse box.

Immediately you start the car, the dashcam begins to record videos in short clips and saves them to the memory card inserted in it. These videos can be saved in several formats, such as MP4, AVI, M4V, MOV, and similar formats compatible with most computer video players.

1.2 Why Your Dashcam Videos Get Lost?

As highlighted earlier, dashcams save video recordings in the inserted SD card. Unfortunately, these cards are prone to data loss. Footage from the dashcam SD cards can get lost due to the following factors: 

The SD card sustains physical damage.

The SD card was inserted into a virus-infected device.

You removed the SD card while the dash camera is still recording.

The SD card memory got filled up and still tasked to record new footage.

Bad blocks on the SD card, which are caused when you exceed the read/write cycle limit.

No matter how your videos get lost, the next section will show you how to get back the dashcam missing footage easily.

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Best Way to Recover Deleted/Lost Dashcam Videos

There are several ways to recover deleted dashcam videos – you can do it manually or with the help of dashcam recovery software. Manual methods must be performed by season techies at a very high cost, while specialized video recovery software allows you to recover lost dashcam footage in just a few clicks on your own. In this regard, the application used by industry experts is AnyRecover.

AnyRecover can retrieve your videos from SD cards that are corrupt, inaccessible, virus-infected, having bad sectors, etc. It's fast and highly efficient, and has been recommended by leading media; continue reading to discover key features of this program.

AnyRecover data recovery software

1,000,000 + Downloads

Powerful Features of AnyRecover:        

Recover the dashcam missing footage in different formats – MOV, M4V, 3GP, MPG, MKV, AVI, etc.

Recover files from any storage device – SD cards, external hard drives, USB drives, laptops, SSDs, etc.

Handle various data loss scenarios – Permanent deletion, formatted devices, lost partitions, emptied recycle bin, etc.

Super easy to use – No tech experience required, anyone can perform data recovery on their own.

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Recover Lost Dashcam Footage with AnyRecover

First, download AnyRecover on your computer, connect the SD card to the system, and follow the steps below:

Step 1: Launch AnyRecover and select your SD card in the "External Removable Devices" tab.

recover deleted dashcam videos

Step 2: Click on "Start" for the program to scan your SD card. The time it takes to scan the SD card depends on the volume of data.

retrieve dashcam footage

Step 3: AnyRecover will search for your lost videos and display them in an organized way. Select the video you want and hit the "Recover" button.

recover dashcam footage

How to Recover Overwritten Video Files from Dashcam?

Memory cards have a limited storage capacity. So, if the card gets full and you're still recording, the dashcam starts to overwrite the oldest footages to make room for the new recordings.

Theoretically, the overwritten videos cannot be directly recovered, even with a third-part recovery tool. But you can still attempt to get back videos using the two methods presented here. 

Retrieve Overwritten Dashcam Footage from Backup

When the dashcam overwrites the earliest recorded videos, you can get them back from the backups you have created. To prevent the old dashcam videos from being overwritten, you are recommended to transfer them to your PC or a separate storage medium.

Retrieve Overwritten Dashcam Videos with Data Recovery Software

If the backed up videos on your computer are also lost or deleted, don’t worry, you still have a chance to retrieve them with AnyRecover software.

AnyRecover allows you to scan files for free before recovery, so don’t hesitate to have a try at the software.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Dashcam Video Recovery

1 How long does footage stay on my dashcam?

Usually, the recordings remain on the SD card while the SD card is healthy. However, when there's no more free storage on the SD card, the dashcam begins to overwrite the oldest recordings to create room for new ones.

2 Can you delete Dashcam footage?

Yes, you can delete footage from your dashcam.

  • First, press the play button.

  • Select a folder and browse for the footage for deletion.

  • Hit the "Delete" button and press "OK."

This process may not be exactly identical in dashcams of various models, but this is the general procedure for deleting dashcam footage.

3 Can I retrieve the dashcam footage after formatting the memory card?

After formatting your SD card, you can still retrieve the dashcam missing footage using iMyFone AnyRecover. However, to prevent permanent loss of the footage, stop using the SD card immediately.

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By James Crawford , to External Device Recovery

Updated: May 24, 2021

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