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Explore various tips and tricks about your computer to optimize user experience and slove the problem met in daily life.

7 Simple Ways to Fix PS4 White Light of Death

You’ve heard of the red ring of death, but what about the PS4 White light of death? Here’s our guide on what this is and how to fix it.

user By Simon Marcus |Sep 01, 2021

How to Find Groups in Telegram: A Comprehensive Guide

In this blog post we’ll show you several ways of finding new groups in Telegram, as well as something about Telegram groups and Telegram channels.

user By James Crawford |Sep 01, 2021

How to Delete Instagram Account Without Password

Do you want to delete your Instagram account but can not remember password? Don't worry. You can find a way out in this post.

user By Simon Marcus |Aug 31, 2021

How to Stop Windows 11/10 from Deleting Files Automatically

Solutions for files being deleted automatically on Windows 10 & Windows 11. Here's how to save your files and photos.

user By Simon Marcus |Aug 31, 2021

7 Simple Fixes for PS4 Blue Light of Death Issue

PS4 blue light of death can be caused by various reasons. Look through the 7 easy ways to solve the issue in this article.

user By Simon Marcus |Aug 31, 2021

How to Deactivate Instagram

Do you want to deactivate Instagram for a while? Great! Here is the full guide to do it.

user By Simon Marcus |Aug 31, 2021

How to Fix Steam Not Opening on Windows 11

Have you ever experienced the Steam not opening issue, especially after updating to Windows 11? Don't worry, you can find all solutions here.

user By Simon Marcus |Aug 31, 2021

How to Fix Generic Audio Driver in Windows 11

Have you ever seen the Generic Audio Driver detected on Windows 11? In this article, you can find effective methods to this issue.

user By Simon Marcus |Aug 31, 2021

Macbook Pro Battery Draining Fast? Check Here!

If you're experiencing MacBook Pro battery draining fast problem, here's what you can do to fix this issue.

user By Scott Tarmey |Aug 30, 2021

Necessary Tips and Tricks for Instagram

Here you can find all necessary tips and tricks for Instagram. Just check them out!

user By Simon Marcus |Aug 30, 2021


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