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How to Stop Windows 11/10 from Deleting Files Automatically

Solutions for files being deleted automatically on Windows 10 & Windows 11. Here's how to save your files and photos.

user By Simon Marcus |Aug 31, 2021

How to Fix Steam Not Opening on Windows 11

Have you ever experienced the Steam not opening issue, especially after updating to Windows 11? Don't worry, you can find all solutions here.

user By Simon Marcus |Aug 31, 2021

How to Fix Generic Audio Driver in Windows 11

Have you ever seen the Generic Audio Driver detected on Windows 11? In this article, you can find effective methods to this issue.

user By Simon Marcus |Aug 31, 2021

What to Do If Your Computer Restarted Unexpectedly

Having trouble while installing Windows 10/11 OS? Are you seeing an error stating the computer restarted unexpectedly? Here are some easy tips to fix that.

user By Simon Marcus |Aug 27, 2021

Top 4 Ways to Clear Windows Update Cache

We show you 4 simple ways to clear Windows update cache. If you have problems loading your operating system updates, you may need to clear Windows Update cache.

user By Simon Marcus |Aug 27, 2021

Solved: Bluetooth Is Not Working in Windows 10/11

Here are some useful fixes for Bluetooth devices not working in Windows 10/11. Get your Bluetooth headphones, speakers, mouse and keyboard working quickly.

user By Simon Marcus |Aug 26, 2021

10 Ways to Fix All File System Errors in Windows 11/10

No matter what type of file system error you encounter in the Windows 11/10 computer, you could find the solutions in this article.

user By Simon Marcus |Aug 25, 2021

[Top 8 Ways] Fix Windows 11/10 Update Taking Forever

Windows update takes forever? It is a common problem. But you are in the right place to get the problem fixed. Here are the steps to getting a fast update!

user By Simon Marcus |Aug 25, 2021

7 Simple Ways to Fix Windows 11/10 Stuck on Loading Screen

Do you need a solution for Windows 11 and 10 OS stuck on the loading screen? This article would help you fix the issue in a jiffy.

user By Simon Marcus |Aug 20, 2021

[All Cases Included] Fix SFC Scannow Not Working in Windows 11/10

Is your SFC scannow not working? Then, you need to read our post as it provides all the information you need to get SFC scannow working again.

user By Simon Marcus |Aug 20, 2021