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Top 8 Ways to Fix Windows Explorer High CPU

If your Windows computer take ages to complete processes, it could be as a result of a high CPU usage. Use this article to fix Windows Explorer high CPU usage problems.

user By Simon Marcus |Aug 05, 2021

3 Quickest Ways to Recover Unsaved/Deleted PowerPoint on Mac

Don't worry if you have lost your PPT files, here are 3 effective solutions to recover unsaved or deleted PowerPoint on Mac.

user By Simon Marcus |Aug 04, 2021

12 Major Differences Between Windows 11 and Windows 10

With Windows 11's anticipated release right around the corner, chances are that you are interested in how it fares with Windows 10. Our post has the answers.

user By Simon Marcus |Aug 03, 2021

Check Here! Windows 10 to Windows 11 Upgrade

You can get your licensed Windows 10 computer ready to upgrade to Windows 11 by following a few simple steps. Get to know the requirements for the upgrade.

user By Simon Marcus |Aug 03, 2021

Restarted My Computer and Everything Is Gone in Windows 11/10

Have you ever felt bad restarting your computer, and everything is gone? You may have caused the disappearance of your files, but you can still recover them!

user By Simon Marcus |Aug 03, 2021

4 Tested Solutions to "Windows can't access the disk" Issue

This article is written to help you solve the "Windows can't access the disk" Issue in 4 effective ways. You will also learn how to recover data in this case.

user By Simon Marcus |Aug 02, 2021

2021 Ultimate Guide on How to Use TestDisk on Windows & Mac

What can TestDisk do for you? How to use TestDisk on Windows & Mac? You'll know all the answers in this post.

user By Simon Marcus |Aug 02, 2021

Hard Drive Shows up in Disk Management but Not My Computer [Fixed]

If your external hard drive shows up in disk management but not my computer, you can try the 4 easiest solutions listed in the post to fix the error.

user By Alva Doris |Aug 02, 2021

5 Best Hard Drive Recovery Software You May Have Missed in 2021

We found 5 of the best hard drive recovery software you may have missed, but actually works great. Have you tried any of them?

user By Alva Doris |Aug 02, 2021

7 Verified Solutions for "The File or Directory Is Corrupted and Unreadable"

Want to access your external hard drive but saw a message "The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable"? Here is how to fix this error without losing data.

user By Simon Marcus |Jul 29, 2021