Why Does iOS 17 Drain Battery? How to Fix?

2023-08-31 23:07:09
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Is the rapid battery drainage often associated with iOS 17 a cause for worry for you as an iPhone user? You are not alone as many individuals are expressing apprehensions about the potential impact of iOS 17 on their device's battery life. While iOS updates introduce exciting new features, they can occasionally give rise to battery-related anxieties. In this article, we will delve into the potential adverse effects on the device’s battery performance. Additionally, it offers guidance and remedies to address any battery-related challenges that might arise following an upgrade to the latest iOS iteration. So, read to the end for more insights!

Part 1. Does iOS 17 drain your battery?

Yes, they sometimes do! You see, rapid battery depletion is a prevalent outcome following significant updates to iOS 17. This can be attributed to the ongoing background optimization and updating of apps and services. This issue might persist for around 48 hours, during which power consumption experiences instability. If you are experiencing such a problem, it can be fixed though!

Part 2. Why Does iOS 17 Drain Battery?

With the introduction of the latest iOS update, many users are questioning whether iOS 17 leads to battery life drainage. While a fresh software update for your iPhone could result in slight battery drain issues, certain factors can exacerbate this situation. Given the novelty of the iOS 17 update, numerous apps haven't been adjusted to align with its latest version. Consequently, apps incompatible with iOS 17 may contribute to heightened battery drain and other problems. In instances where users fail to appropriately configure their iOS device following an update and allow energy-intensive features to operate in the background, this can strain the battery further. Moreover, users might encounter battery drain issues with iOS 17 owing to bugs associated with the update. Apple endeavors to rectify these bugs through subsequent minor updates.

Part 3. 9 Fixes to iOS 17 Battery Drain

Here are the most effective ways to fix the iOS 17 battery issues fast

1. Change Cellular Data to 4G/3G

Conserving battery life can be achieved by disabling 5G connectivity, as 5G can consume more battery power than one might anticipate. So, it's advisable to assess the strength of your mobile network's signal. If you notice intermittent cellular service, consider resetting your device's network settings. In cases where your 5G network's coverage is subpar, opting for a more stable network, such as 4G/3G, can help prolong your iPhone's battery life. To do this, follow these steps;

1. Open the Settings app and navigate to Cellular.

2. Tap on Mobile Data Options, then select Voice & Data.

3. Choose 4G instead of 5G On or 5G Auto.

2. Turn on Optimized Battery Charging

Many of us tend to charge our phones overnight, but iPhones, like other smartphones, feature an automatic power-off mechanism. Enhanced Battery Charging is designed to enhance the efficiency of your iPhone's battery, as it is capable of recognizing the charging process and discontinuing power input once the battery level reaches 80%.

To activate this feature on your iPhone:

· Access the Settings app.

· Choose Battery, then select Battery Health.

· Toggle on the Optimized Battery Charging option.

3. Turn off Background Apps

We suggest disabling the applications that continuously operate in the background. To achieve this, access your iPhone's Settings menu and turn off background apps.

Here's how to do it:

· Open the Settings app.

· Navigate to Background App Refresh.

· Select Off within the Background App Refresh menu.

By implementing this setting, you will prevent the majority of apps from performing background data updates, ultimately helping to preserve your device's battery life.

4. Enable Auto-Brightness Feature

Auto-Brightness is a feature that can effectively conserve battery power and is enabled by default. Now, if you had disabled this feature and now you want to re-enable it, there are two main ways you can do so;

Using Control Center:

· To access the iPhone's Control Center, swipe down from the upper right corner of the screen.

· Adjust the brightness level by moving the slider to decrease the intensity.

Through Settings:

· Navigate to Settings.

· Follow the sequence General > Accessibility > Display & Text Size.

· Turn on the Auto-Brightness option.

5. Limit Notification for Certain Apps

Enhancing your iPhone's battery life can also be accomplished by disabling notifications. The thing is, even when there are no new updates, your device can continue to send notifications, leading to rapid battery drain. So, to disable notifications, go to the Settings app, then navigate to "Alerts & Privacy" and then select "Allowed Notifications." You can opt to deactivate notifications that are unnecessary. In many instances, it's advisable to completely turn off alerts using this method. Alternatively, you can also conserve battery by selectively disabling notifications for specific applications.

6. Turn off Automatic Downloads and App Updates

Resolving the battery drain issue on your iOS 16 can involve deactivating automatic downloads and updates for apps. With that said;

· Launch the Settings app and choose General.

· Navigate to Software Update and then tap on Automatic Update.

· Select the option to Download iOS updates and switch it off.

7. Limit Widgets Number

Widgets on the quick view screen continuously strive to update data or details in the background. These widgets provide convenient access to information like battery status, weather conditions, message alerts, quick responses, news, and reminders. However, the continuous background operation of these widgets can significantly contribute to battery consumption. To manage and mitigate battery drain, you can also decrease the number of active screen widgets.

8. Limit Location Services App and Reduce Motion

Another feature that consumes battery massively is your GPS tracker. So, if you were to turn it off, you would solve your battery drain issue. You may also want to reduce motion of your device to save your battery. Just go to settings >accessibility > motion > reduce motion.

9. Enable Dark Mode

Lastly, the battery drain may also be as a result of your screen’s heavy battery usage. So, how about you consider switching to dark mode. And it’s pretty easy to do, just go to settings, then focus, and then pick a focus mode.

Part 4. iOS System Issues Causing Battery Drain? - Fix it with AnyRecover!

If you are unable to fix your iPhone battery issue, we will highly recommend using a third party tool, which can really help. In this instance, we recommend AnyRecover. This tool is a one stop solution for various iOS related issues, including fast battery drain. You will be able to recover any form of data that you might lose in the process. Basically, this toll guarantees data safety when trying to sort out the issue. You can also use it to repair any file that could be destroyed in the process, the tool has a simple interface, which means less complex options. Now, one way you can use this tool to fix your battery issue is by downgrading to iOS 16. Here is how you can do it.

Step 1 – ensure that your data is backed-up on your computer

Step 2 – launch AnyRecover tool on your computer, hit iPhone recovery and then connect your phone with a USB cable.

Step 3 – go into recovery mode, then advanced mode, and there you will find your phone model as well as the iOS firmware. Download to extract the firmware

Step 4 – click the start button to downgrade the iOS. Once you are done, you can start to restore all your data that you had previously backed up.

Part 5: Tips to Stop iPhone battery draining fast

Here are our top tips on how to protect your battery:

· Restrict background updates

· Use low power mode

· Turn off automatic updates

· Turn off haptic keyboard response

· Avoid animated wallpapers

· Use focus modes

Bottom line

Let’s conclude by telling you the problem you are currently experiencing can easily be fixed. If it is not the DIY steps listed above, then you can use the AnyRecover tool to fix your problem. The tool is fast and reliable and it can literary fix most of your iOS-related issues, as long as your hardware is fine.

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