You Ultimate Guide on How to Recover Files After Format

It is very common for many users who lost important data after formatting their hard drive. If you're one of them, you may want to quickly recover your files after format. Fortunately, data recovery is possible.

Can I Recover Files After Format?

Of course! This is particularly true if the hard drive is formatted via the Quick Format option. This is the default method of formatting in Windows and most users use it because it is fast and efficient.

What happens when you format the hard drive via Quick Format option is that the data is not permanently erased. Instead, it is moved to some sector of your hard disk and hidden in the operating   system. In this case, you'll be able to recover such data easily with a professional data recovery software.

Best Way to Recover Files After Format

As mentioned above, a reliable data recovery software is necessary for you to   successfully recover deleted / lost data after formatting. In this regard, it is   recommended to choose iMyFone AnyRecover.

The reason you should use AnyRecover for lost data recovery is that it has many advantages over other data recovery tools available on the market. The successful data recovery rate of this tool is very high.



  • Restore data lost/deleted due to hard drive format, system crash, hardware failure, virus/malware attack, etc.

  • AnyRecover supports the recovery of  more than 1000 file formats. So, you can rest easy knowing that you can recover any type of files through this tool.

  • Preview files before recovering them via the build-in preview feature of AnyRecover. It is a very useful feature which most data recovery software don't have.

  • AnyRecover is capable of recovering deleted data safely. During the recovery of deleted files, the software won't overwrite any   existing data.

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Steps of Restoring Files after Format by AnyRecover

Step 1. Open iMyFone AnyRecover and then select Formatted Disk Recovery from its list of modes.

formatted disk recovery mode

Step 2. Now choose the hard drive on which your data was stored before formatting and then click on Next to continue.

formatted disk recovery location

Step 3. Next, select the file types to   scan. If you want to scan all types of files, select the All Files Type   option. After that, click on the 'Scan' button.

formatted disk recovery file type

Step 4. Once the scanning is complete, preview and choose the files that you want to recover. Then, click the Recover button to start the data recovery process. After the scanning process, preview and choose the file to be   restored. Then, click the Recovery button to recover your lost data.

formatted disk recovery

Basic Things You Should Know Before Recovering Formatted Files

Although it is possible to recover data after formatting, there are certain factors that affect the chances of successful file recovery. So it is recommended that you take certain precautions as soon as you realize that you have lost the data on your hard drive.

Don't Write New Data Once Your Hard Drive is Formatted

As mentioned before, formatting a hard drive does not permanently erase data. Instead, that data is moved to somewhere you cannot find by yourself. If you write new data, then it overwrites those sectors that contain deleted files. This drastically decreases chances of file recovery.

Don't Overwrite the Data

You should stop using the hard drive if you want to prevent overwriting the data on your formatted hard drive. You should do this for the same reason stated above.

Backup Data Before Recovery

Data recovery process could alter files on your system which may lead to loss of existing data. So it's necessary to back up the existing data before starting the recovery process.

Don't Install Software on the Drive

Installing the data recovery software on the same hard drive you wish to recover data from reduces the chances of recovery. That's why you should install the software on a separate hard drive.


When it comes to recover files after format, you can use iMyFone AnyRecover as it has specific data recovery mode just for this purpose. Compared with other data recovery software on the market, AnyRecover has   a higher successful data recovery rate.

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By  Simon Marcus , to Hard Drive Recovery

Posted on Dec 07, 2018  ( Updated: Mar 05, 2019 )

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