Top 4 Video Recovery Solutions for PC/iPhone/Android

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Almost everyone of us has had a terrible experience losing essential files due to unexpected mistakes, like system crash, accidental deletion, and accidental formatting. However, the question is "Is there a possibility of recovering deleted videos?" The answer is Yes, there's a possibility of video recovery only if you use the right methods.

1Best Free Video Recovery Software - 100% Work

AnyRecover is a unique software that allows you to retrieve files from any media with just three easy steps. No matter your level of expertise, you can easily use this software to recover your lost data.
 It can recover lots of multimedia files that you can't imagine. It is a powerful software that supports all file types, including videos recovery.


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Key Features
  • Supports All Video Formats: AnyRecover supports all type of video files recovery including WMV, AVI, MOV, MP4, MKV, FLV, and many others.

  • Supports All Storage Media: Supports deleted video recovery from Laptop & PC, Mobile Phone, Digital Camera, Hard Drive, SD Card, and more.

  • No Technical Skills Required: With AnyRecover, you don't need any technical skills to use the software. It is easy to use this software to recover deleted data.

  • 100% Secure: AnyRecover helps you recover your lost data without overwriting the original file. AnyRecover is a software you can safely use and trust.

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Steps for Deleted Video Recovery

Step 1: Go to AnyRecover official website and download the software for Windows or Mac. Then install the software following the installation instructions.

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Step 2: Launch the software. Then select a disk under the “Hard Disk Drives” tab or Desktop under "Common Location" tab.

select location hard-drive

Step 3: After selecting the location where the file is located, hit “Start” button to start scanning.

start scan

Step 4: When you've scanned and found the files you want to recover, you can preview the scanned data and then choose "Recover" to get back your lost data.

scanned files preview

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2Other Video Recovery Methods May Work for You

1Use Recycle Bin/Trash for Video Recovery

Files removed by throwing them into windows Recycle Bin or Mac Trash bin can be immediately recovered by right-clicking and confirming "Restore" within the Recycle bin folder. Through this method, a deleted file can appear in its original folder. Below are the steps to recover deleted videos from recycle bin/trash

For Windows

Step 1. Open Recycle Bin by double-clicking on the icon on the desktop

Step 2. Locate the files you want to restore

Step 3. Right-click on the file and choose "Restore" at the top panel

restore from recycle bin

The Recycle Bin will completely restore the deleted files to the original folder.

For Mac

Step 1. Open Trash on your Mac

Step 2. Find the deleted videos or folders, and select them.

Step 3. Rright click on the items and then choose Put Back.


2Use Recently Deleted Folder for iPhone Video Recovery

If your iPhone has the recent iOS version, then you should have "Recently Deleted" folder in your photos app.  You should know that this method only recovers photos which you have deleted. If you've lost all your iPhone data through any software, the images won't appear in this album. Here's how to retrieve deleted photos from your iPhone.

Step 1. Open the Photos App and scroll down to "Recently Deleted" album. The album will show all deleted photos from the last 30 days, as well as the number of days left before the pictures will be permanently removed.

Step 2. Choose "Select" then mark all the photos you want to restore


Step 3. Select "Recover" to save the photos that you've marked.

3Using Undeleter for Android Video Recovery

Undeleter is a unique Android app that can recover deleted videos, documents, photos and many other files on your Android. Undeleter helps in recovering lost data not only on external partitions but also in internal partitions. After restoring your lost data, you can upload the files to any of your preferred storages like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.


  • Undeleter recovers deleted files of any volume including memory cards

  • Can directly upload files to Google Drive and Dropbox


  • It can temporarily restore lost video files and others. That means, if the files have been deleted for an extended period, you won't be able to use Undeleter

  • The app doesn't support other data like call logs, messages, contacts, and WhatsApp messages/attachment.


The app goes for only $5. So, you can give this app a trial to see how it works.


Recovering deleted files from your computer or iPhone can be quite tricky to achieve for some people, but that should not happen to you. With AnyRecover, you can get back your lost data with 100% assurance. So, what are you waiting for? Quickly visit AnyRecover official site to start using the software.

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By  Simon Marcus , to Deleted Files Recovery

Posted on Mar 15, 2019  ( Updated: May 29, 2020 )

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