Stellar Data Recovery Review and Its Best Alternative

2023-06-28 14:17:40
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Data loss is a common issue that most computer owners face. Data recovery tools are available nowadays. These tools help computer owners get their data back easily. Not all data recovery tools available online work the way they should. Some tools do not offer users the services they expect. Before investing in a data recovery tool, it is crucial that you understand both its pros and cons.

In this article, we will take a deeper look at a data recovery tool known as Stellar Data Recovery. We will also help you know whether a great Stellar Data Recovery alternative is available.

1 Stellar Data Recovery Review

Stellar Data Recovery makes it easier for users to recover their lost data. The tool works with a wide range of data storage devices. It is capable of supporting FAT, NTFS, and ex-FAT drives and partitions. Some of the supported data storage devices include memory cards, flash drives, hard drives, etc. Stellar Data Recovery also supports numerous file types. Some of the file types supported by Stellar Data Recovery include audio files, pictures, emails, documents, videos, and more. The tool’s website claims that it is easy to use.

Stellar Data Recovery has more than 5 million downloads. This suggests that numerous people are currently using the tool. Stellar Data Recovery does have a free trial version. Hence, computer owners can try the tool for free before paying for it. Before recovering your lost data, Stellar Data Recovery will allow you to preview it. This helps you avoid recovering the data you do not want to recover.

Both Windows and Mac Stellar Data Recovery versions are available. The data recovery tool is capable of dealing with a wide range of data loss scenarios. The scenarios include disk corruption, unintentional deletion, accidental drive formatting, etc. Stellar Data Recovery supports more than one language. It supports English, Spanish, Italian, French, and German.

stella data recovery


Numerous file types are supported.

The tool can recover data lost via numerous situations.

Its disk imaging feature makes data recovery quick.

The tool can recover data from missing partitions.


The data recovery tool is a little bit expensive.

The tool may not be able to support all data storage devices.

Although the tool does support numerous data formats, it may not have the ability to recover all file formats.

stella data recovery

2 Best Stellar Data Recovery Alternative – AnyRecover

The best alternative to the “Recover My Files” data recovery software, AnyRecover is an ideal alternative to Stella Data Recovery. AnyRecover supports more than 1000 file formats. Some of the file types supported by AnyRecover include photos, documents, emails, and archives. The tool can help you get back your files irrespective of how you lost the files. AnyRecover can recover files lost via accidental deletion, unintentional formatting, emptying the recycle bin, lost partitions, damaged hard drive, OS reinstall/crash, and virus or malware attack.

AnyRecover is extremely easy to use. Users do not need to have any technical knowledge to understand how to use it. The tool is very quick. It has a unique data recovery algorithm that helps users recover unlimited data.

When recovering data, AnyRecover won’t overwrite the data you currently have on your storage device. The data recovery tool ensures that your data is 100% safe. AnyRecover supports all storage devices. Some of the supported storage devices include memory cards, camcorders, mobile phones, cameras, hard drives, flash drives, etc.

Windows (Windows 11 included) and Mac AnyRecover versions are available. Irrespective of the computer you own, the tool can help you get your data back. AnyRecover has a very high recovery rate. On average, the tool can recover over 98% of the lost data. If the lost data is not overwritten, the tool will help you recover 100% of the lost data.

AnyRecover does have a free trial version. The free trial version can help you determine whether the tool will work for you.


1,000,000 + Downloads

Pros & Features of AnyRecover
  • It supports all storage devices. You can use it to recover the data you lost on your video player, ZIP drive, music player, USB drive, CF/SD card, external disk, laptop/PC, etc.

  • AnyRecover will help you recover all your lost files. It supports more than 1000 file formats.

  • AnyRecover supports the recovery of data lost via numerous methods.

  • AnyRecover makes data recovery quick and easy.

  • The tool has a free trial version. You can try it before paying.

anyrecover license price

We will show you how recover data with AnyRecover just in a few minutes.

STEP 1 Run AnyRecover and select the recovery mode you prefer.

anyrecover interface

STEP 2 Select the location where your data is missing and then tap "Next".

anyrecover interface

STEP 3 Select the file types you would like to recover. Next, click "Scan".

anyrecover select file type

STEP 4 When the scanning is finished, click “Recover”, your files will be retrieved then. Super easy!

anyrecover scan

anyrecover preview

Nowadays, you can get your data back after losing it. Data recovery tools make this possible. In this article, we have looked at 2 of the best data recovery tools. When compared to Stellar Data Recovery, AnyRecover has more benefits. AnyRecover is much easier to use. It also supports more file formats. You can use the AnyRecover trial version to verify whether it will work for you.

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