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If you own an Android device, you probably have some pictures stored on the device's SD card you wouldn’t want to lose. However, things that we do not want to happen do happen. You may end up losing these photos. You may delete some of your photos by mistake. Your kid or a friend may take your Android device and delete your photos without your knowledge.

When this happens, the first question you will ask yourself is whether there is a way to perform an SD card recovery for Android. The good news is that you can get lost data back on your Android SD card. This article is dedicated to showing you how to make it possible. Before that, let’s see some data loss reasons on SD cards.

1Common Situations for Losing Data/Files from SD Card

1. Accidental Deletion
2. Formatted SD Card
3. Damaged/Corrupted SD Card
4. Virus Infection
5. Power Failure
6. Others

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2Best Way to Recover Deleted Photos from an SD Card - AnyRecover

AnyRecover is a perfect tool when it comes to recovering data from all storage devices. It works with mobile phones, SD cards, hard drives, Flash Drives, Camcorders, etc. The tool has the highest data recovery rate. When you use AnyRecover to perform an SD card recovery for Android, you will not overwrite the currently available data. This means that your data will be safe.


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Key Features of AnyRecover        
  • AnyRecover supports all file types lost on the SD card, including photos, music, videos, etc.

  • The tool helps you recover your data just in a few minutes with simple clicks.

  • AnyRecover works with SD cards, hard drives, Windows PC/Mac, and more. It works with all the storage media you know.

  • AnyRecover helps you retrieve your data irrespective of how the data got lost in the first place.

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We have already pointed out that using AnyRecover is not complicated. To get back the photos you lost on your SD card, just follow the simple steps as below:

Step 1. Run AnyRecover on your PC. Remove the SD card from your Android phone and put it into a card reader. Then connect it to your computer. When it is detected, select the SD card under “External Removable Devices" tab.

select location external device

Step 2. After selecting the location, hit “Start” button to start scanning.

start scan

Step 3. When it completes scanning, your deleted photos will be displayed. Preview these photos and select the ones you would like to recover. Click "Recover" to get your pictures back.

scanned files preview

If the data you would like to recover from your SD card is already overwritten, there is no guarantee that you will be able to recover it. Data gets overwritten when you continue using your SD card after losing the data. Check out the tips below to help increase chances of SD card recovery for Android.

3Tips for SD Card Recovery for Android

Avoid Storing Any New Data

When you store new data after losing data on an SD card, it will overwrite the lost data. This will make the lost data irrecoverable.

Do Not Format the SD Card

Formatting your SD card will destroy important information that a recovery tool will need when recovering your data. This will make your data hard to get back. The data may become irrecoverable.

Avoid Using Apps in the Play Store

When you use Apps in the Play Store, you will be reducing the chances of SD card recovery for Android. This is because using the apps will create new data on the SD card. This may increase the chance to overwrite the lost data.

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Follow the simple steps to use AnyRecover 20% off coupon code:

Step 1: Copy the coupon code "ANY-ART-D20".

Step 2: Visit official AnyRecover purchase page: for Win or for Mac. Choose the license you desire and add it to cart.

add to cart

Step 3: Tick on "Check to enter coupon code".

check to enter coupon code

Step 4: Paste the coupon code into the box and click "Apply".

apply coupon code

Step 5: You can now enjoy 20% off. What you need to do next is filling out your information so as to complete the process.

enjoy 20% off

Do not hesitate to get AnyRecover with 20% off. With the help of this tool, you are going to recover your lost files irrespective of how it was lost.


Losing data can be stressful. You can avoid the stress by having a data recovery tool that works with all storage devices. The best tool to have is AnyRecover. This tool will help you perform SD card recovery for Android quickly and easily. AnyRecover can help you recover your data irrespective how this data got lost. You do not have to pay for AnyRecover before you confirm that it works. Try the free trial version now.

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Posted on Dec 04, 2018  ( Updated: Dec 16, 2019 )

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