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Explore various tips and tricks about your computer to optimize user experience and slove the problem met in daily life.

12 Ways to Fix Steam Download Keeps Stopping

If your Steam download keeps stopping, read through this post. We'll tell you what causes this Steam issue here, and show you how to get your game download to resume.

user By Simon Marcus |Aug 24, 2021

A Full Guide on Fixing PS4 Overheating

See the signs, causes and 6 effective methods to fix PS4 overheating issue here in this article.

user By Simon Marcus |Aug 20, 2021

Tips and Tricks to Better Switch Between Instagram and TikTok

Do you want to take control of Instagram and Tiktok in a better way? This post will introduce various tips and tricks on these two platforms. Check them out!

user By Simon Marcus |Aug 20, 2021

Top 7 Ways to Fix PS4 Keeps Freezing

No one wants to play a PS4 that keeps freezing and crashing constantly. So, in this post, we'll go over the best ways to fix this issue.

user By Simon Marcus |Aug 20, 2021

[All Cases Included] Fix SFC Scannow Not Working in Windows 11/10

Is your SFC scannow not working? Then, you need to read our post as it provides all the information you need to get SFC scannow working again.

user By Simon Marcus |Aug 20, 2021

[Fixed] Critical Error: Windows 11/10 Startup Menu Not Working

Solutions & verified fixes for the critical error with Microsoft Windows start menu not working on Windows 10 and Windows 11.

user By Simon Marcus |Aug 20, 2021

10 Ways to Solve Xbox One Won't Update Problem

Your Xbox One should be updated with the latest software. Still, what if your Xbox won’t update? We’ll talk about how you can fix this problem here.

user By Simon Marcus |Aug 19, 2021

Instagram Disabled My Account for No Reason – Here’s What to Do

Are your instagram account disabled for no reason? Calm down, we have gathered some effective methods to this problem in this article. Read on to find more.

user By Simon Marcus |Aug 19, 2021

Fix the Audio Service Is Not Running/Responding in Windows 7/10/11

If you run into the problem that the audio service is not running in your Windows 11/10/7 computer, check the full ways to solve it now.

user By Simon Marcus |Aug 17, 2021

[7 Ways] Fix Xbox Turns Off by Itself

Is your Xbox console turning off by itself all the time? Check out this article to learn more about the issue and the solutions to fix them.

user By Simon Marcus |Aug 16, 2021

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