How to Find and See Deleted Messages on Discord? (2024)

2024-04-22 09:53:00
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Are you wandering about and looking for ways to see deleted messages on Discord due to accidental deletion or other reasons? We've all been there. Discord, like many other messaging platforms, doesn't make it easy to recover deleted Discord messages.

But fear not! In this guide, we'll show you some nifty tricks and tools to help you find and view deleted messages on Discord and keep your conversations intact. Get ready to dive into the world of Discord message recovery!

how to see deleted messages on discord

Part 1: Can You Recover Deleted Discord Messages?

Discord does not have a built-in feature for recovering deleted messages. Once a message is deleted, it is typically permanently removed from the platform. However, there are some exceptions:

  • Third-Party Tools or Plugins: Some third-party bots and plugins claim to offer message recovery functionality. These tools may have the ability to log messages and store them in a separate database, allowing users to access deleted messages. However, using third-party plugins comes with risks, as they may violate Discord's Terms of Service and compromise the security of your server.
  • Server Logs: Server administrators can access server logs, which may contain information about deleted messages. However, accessing server logs requires administrative permissions and may not be practical for regular users.
  • Through Data Archive: Users can access a comprehensive record of their activity on the platform, including messages that have been deleted. By initiating the data archive request through Discord's privacy and safety settings, they can verify their identity and prompt Discord to compile their data archive.
  • Part 2: How to Recover Deleted Messages on Discord?

    1. One-Click to Restore Deleted Discord Messages -- AnyRecover

    Looking to recover deleted Discord messages? We highly recommend AnyRecover, with which you don't need any complicated operation. With only one click, you can recover and see deleted messages on Discord. AnyRecover is a comprehensive data recovery tool that can help you retrieve deleted data from various sources, including messages on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. In addition, it supports recovering almost all forms of data from various storage devices.

    deleted discord messages recovery tool

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    Features of AnyRecover

    • AnyRecover efficiently retrieves data from various sources, including social apps like Discord, providing a comprehensive solution for all your data recovery needs.
    • Easily recover accidentally deleted files, messages, or photos with just one click.
    • AnyRecover restores lost data from a wide range of storage devices, including USB flash drives, HDD/SSD, and digital cameras, ensuring no data is left behind.
    • Support to recover over 1000 file types, including documents, pictures, videos, emails, and audio files.
    • AnyRecover supports over 1000 file types, including documents, pictures, videos, emails, and audio files, ensuring comprehensive data recovery.

    How to recover deleted Discord chats:

    Step 1. Download and launch AnyRecover, and click on "iPhone Recovery" or "Android Recovery" (If you are using Android mobile, follow the on-screen instruction ) on the homepage.

    select iphone or android recovery

    Step 2. Choose Discord App and tap on "Scan" to start finding all your Discord Data.

    scan discord data

    Step 3. Once you find the deleted messages, hit the "Recover" button to restore all your deleted direct messages on Discord.

    Free Download

    2. Request Discord Data to Retrieve Deleted Discord Messages

    Requesting Discord data to retrieve deleted messages on Discord is a process that allows users to access a comprehensive record of their activity on the platform, including messages that have been deleted.

    Follow these steps to find and view deleted messages on Discord:

    Step 1 Head to your Discord User Settings in the bottom corner, and click on “Privacy & Safety” and “Request Data”.

    request discord data

    Step 2 Then, confirm to request your data, and you will receive a email Discord sent to your registered email within 30 days.

    confirm to request data

    Step 3 Download your data package. The package download is valid for exactly a month.

    download discord data package

    Step 4 Then, unzip this package, and you will find all your DMs with others on Discord.

    unzip the package to find deleted dms on discord

    Note: But it will be a bit hard and exhausted to find the DMs you want.

    find and view deleted messages on discord

    Part 3: How to See Deleted Messages on Discord Later On?

    Add a plugin to find and view your deleted messages

    In the above part, we have introduced methods to find and view deleted messages on Discord. If you want to see deleted Discord messages later on without much effort, you can add a plugin that logs and saves messages, allowing you to view them even after they've been deleted.

    Here is how to see deleted Discord messages with plugins:

    Step 1 Go to Google and search for, and download it.

    download betterdiscord

    Step 2 Then head to download MessageLoggerV2 plugin.

    download message logger

    Step 3 Go to your File Explorer > Downloads, double click on the better discord installer, and then, it will pop up with a license agreement.

    agree liscence agreement

    Step 4 Install BetterDiscord.

    install betterdiscord

    Step 5 Choose Discord versions, and click “Install”.

    choose discord version

    Step 6 Launch your Discord, go to User Settings, and scroll down to tap on “Plugins” > “Open Plugins Folder”.

    open plugins folder

    Step 7 Right click on Downloads and click “Open in new window”.

    open in new window

    Step 8 Drag the MessageLogger Plugin into the Plugin folder you just opened.

    move messagelogger plugin

    Step 9 Then your Discord will pop up with this plugin, you need to enable it.

    move messagelogger plugin

    Step 10 Click “Download Now” to download missing libraries.

    download missing libraries

    Step 11 After the installation, enable both of them.

    enable xenolib

    Step 12 Head to one of your servers, right click on it, and select “Message Logger” > “Add to Whitelist”.

    add it to whitelist

    Step 13 Click on “Open Logs”, you will find all your deleted, edited, purged and ghost pings that occur on this server.

    open logs to see deleted discord messages

    Note: This plugin is risky to use, since chances are that you get banned. Please do not use it in an account you cared about.

    Part 4. FAQs about Viewing Deleted Messages on Discord

    1. Does Discord store deleted messages?

    No, Discord does not store deleted messages. According to their privacy policy, they retain some data for the duration of your account's existence, but deleted messages are not among the information stored.

    2. Can Discord staff see deleted messages?

    Yes, Discord staff can see deleted messages if a server chooses to keep them or if they have admin privileges. However, if a message is permanently deleted or violates Discord's Terms of Service, it won't be visible to anyone.


    Don’t let deleted messages haunt you any longer! With the methods and tools outlined in this guide, you can view deleted messages on Discord easily. Whether it’s through third-party plugins or data archive requests, there’s a solution out there for every Discord user. Among those methods, we highly recommend AnyRecover, with which recovery is just a few clicks away. Happy messaging!

    Deleted Discord DMs Recovery Tool -- AnyRecover

    One-click to recover all your deleted Discord messages, deep scanning skill and professional data recovery/repair ensures high recovery rate.

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