M3 Raw Drive Recovery and Its Best Alternative

2023-02-20 17:43:07
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Seeing our hard drives and partitions becoming to raw disk drives can be quite frightening as all our data and files may be at risks. However, M3 Raw Drive Recovery is full-fledged recovery software that can recover your RAW drive files, drives, system, etc. With this tool, recovering all your important data from inaccessible disks will be made a thousand times easier.

Yet, M3 is not the only data recovery software out there. AnyRecover is an equally great alternative that I very much recommend. I will talk about it in detail later on in this article.

m3 raw drive recovery

Part 1: Can Raw Drive Be Recovered?

Yes, they can be recovered pretty easily with the help of various recovery software that can be bought or used for free. M3 Raw Drive recovery and AnyRecover are 2 of the most famous tools to recover raw disk drives.

Let's back up a little bit, shall we? Many of us still may feel conflicted about what RAW disks may be. In easy words, RAW disks are referred to as disk drive partitions that are no longer usable. They become inexplicitly converted to RAW from their usual NTFS system, FAT32, or exFAT file system format.

This mostly happens when the internal file system of your drive is compromised or damaged. Thus this is where Raw Drive recovery software kicks in to save the day. I will elaborate further on this tool in the following section to give you a much more profound idea!

Part 2: A Full Review About M3 Raw Drive Recovery

This section is fully dedicated to M3 software only. If you plan on using this software for your raw drive recovery exclusively, then do read the entire section carefully!

Nevertheless, if you are looking for an alternative to M3 Raw Drive recovery, then check out the sections provided down below.

1. What Is M3 Raw Drive Recovery and How Does It Work?

In easy words, M3 Raw Drive Recovery is your savior to all your file recovery problems due to the emergence of RAW disks. This software is made compatible with almost every Windows OS from 2003. It works by letting you get access to your lost files in your RAW disks.

Let's dig a little deeper regarding how it functions, as what it is is pretty self-explanatory by now. M3 Raw Drive Recovery software works in several ways. It can either help provide rescue extraction for your desired files from your RAW disks or, it can convert the disk format altogether.

Turning your RAW drive to a readable format such as NTFS, FAT32, and such will allow you to access all your files just like before. Though this is a much lengthier option and more complicated, the individual extraction of files remains to be its most important function.

2. How to Use M3 Raw Drive Recovery Software

Let's just jump right into how you may use this tech for file recovery purposes without any hesitations, shall we? The steps are as follows.

  • Open the M3 Recovery software, and notice if you see any drive partition that shows its format is unknown. The file represented with a reddish bar on its capacity is usually considered to be the raw disk drive.

  • Click on the RAW drive and then proceed by tapping on Next to start the recovery process.

  • m3 raw drive recovery next
  • A list of all your recovered files will appear where you can check if all your files are there and have been unharmed.

  • m3 raw drive recovery scan
  • After you are done checking, simply click on the Fix Drive bar on the right side of the tool, and voila, your whole RAW drive will be formatted back to a normal file system format. You can now safely use all your recovered files with no worries.

  • m3 raw drive recovery fix drive

3. Pros and Cons of M3 Raw Drive Recovery

Everything comes with its drawbacks, and M3 software's Raw drive recovery tool isn't any exception. Thus, let's talk about the pros and cons of this disk recovery software.


You can always recover your files and data without any room for loss or damage.

Easy conversion of disk drives from unknown to NTFS/FAT32 etc.

Works for hard disks, pen drives, SD cards, memory cards, USB drives, and more.

Easy to access and use, since it is compatible with several OS and devices.


Not all good things come for free, to get full access to all the core important functions, you need to get a license/activation key.

Sometimes if the damage is too extensive, you may not be able to completely recover your RAW disk. However, you can individually extract and rescue certain files by switching to "Data Recovery Mode".

Recovery software is only exclusive to PC and laptop users for now.

The tool doesn't recover all files from your raw drive partition and some files may still get missing.

The success rate of M3 Raw Drive Recovery is lower than other equivalents like AnyRecover.

Part 3: The Best Alternative to M3 Raw Drive Recovery

Nevertheless, if M3 Raw Drive Recovery doesn't do it for you and you need an alternative then you may be in luck. The tool that I am going to talk about is AnyRecover, a similar savior that is unique in its way.

You can recover your files specifically from unknown formatted disk drives using this tool or you can recover the whole drive itself. AnyRecover for PC/Hard Drive also has other functions such as recovering deleted files, recycle bins, and some other instances where recovery of the file is crucial for users.

AnyRecover deleted file recovery tool


Features of AnyRecover

  • It performs raw drive recovery with easy steps and user-friendly interface while make other partitions untouched.

  • It recovers data under many situations including a drive becoming raw and formatted as well as a partition getting lost.

  • It supports data recovery from various raw drives and partitions such as USB raw drive, SD card, hard drives and other flash drives.

  • It supports almost all widely used file systems like NTFS, FAT, FAT32, etc.

  • Available on both Windows and Mac OS, you could recover 8 files for free from your raw drive, no size limited.

These are the following steps to retrieve your lost Data from RAW disk drives using AnyRecover:

Step 1 Download and Install AnyRecover by selecting your designated OS for your device

Step 2 Run the AnyRecover tool and choose the specific RAW disk drive you want to recover the date from.

select location

Step 3 AnyRecover will scan the entire disk drive.

start scan

Step 4 Lastly, check the preview lists of all the data present in the raw drive and then recover them. You should always move them to a safer drive for assurance.

scanned files preview

Part 4: Comparison Between M3 Raw Drive Recovery Software and AnyRecover

Let's compare both of these tools to get a better grasp on which one might be the right software for you. A lot of us have our own agendas that we would like these tools to meet.

AnyRecover M3 Raw Drive Recovery
It performs an all-round scan with a quite fast speed for your raw drive. The scan speed for little data even takes up to one hour.
The success rate is really high and it won't overwrite the original files in the raw drive. With a low success rate, it may not find some missing files in your raw drive.
The lowest price is less than 50 USD. Its prices are very high ranging from 89.95 USD to 299 USD.
Apart from offering recovering data from raw drive, it also provides numerous recovery solutions such as recovering files lost from deletion, computer crashes, lost partitions and even recycle bins. For now, it is exclusive to recovering files from RAW disk drives that become inaccessible.
It works on various versions of Windows and Mac OS. It is only available on the Windows system.
With a 100% safety rate, it is completely free of virus infection. Your antivirus software may detect it as a malware.
They have a different application for IOS users who also suffer from data loss due to damaged drives. Hence, making data recovery easy for both phone and computer users. For now, all their software is exclusive to computer users and OS.

FAQs About M3 RAW Drive Recovery

What Is Raw File System

A RAW file system is a type of file system that is used on some storage devices, such as hard drives, USB drives, and memory cards. When a file system becomes RAW, it means that the operating system can no longer recognize the file system and is unable to access the files stored on the device.

Is M3 Data Recovery Free?

M3 Data Recovery offers both free and paid versions of its software.

The free version of M3 Data Recovery allows you to scan for lost or deleted files and preview them to ensure they are recoverable. However, in order to actually recover the files, you will need to upgrade to the paid version of the software.

How to Avoid Raw Drive Again

Although raw drive recovery is possible, yet you still have to prevent this situation from happening again. Below are some tips for you.

Don't download any shady or malicious software from the Internet. Otherwise, they may cause serious damage to your drives.

To further avoid malware's harm to your drive and turn it a blank slate, you are suggested to run antivirus scan frequently.

When you are about to perform a formatting, think twice as misoperation may cause all data loss.

Your raw drive could result from different reasons. To protect the data in it, you could create backups of them.


I hope this M3 Raw Drive Recovery full guide helped you learn all the necessary bits about how to successfully carry out a raw drive recovery and such. Thus, even if M3 Raw Drive Recovery may seem like the ideal tool for this problem, AnyRecover for PC/Hard Drive is still out there as a perfect alternative. Thank you for reading this article till the end. I wish you all the best in your ventures ahead!

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