[2020] How to Recover Files from External Hard Drive Using CMD

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Command prompt is a powerful built-in utility on Windows, it enables users to take full control of their computers, such as helps in recovering lost files from external drive or recycle bin. Let’s read through the post to check the details and learn more about most useful command prompts.

How to Recover Files from External Hard Drive Using CMD

CMD can solve certain issues related to external hardware devices like hard drive recovery and memory card recovery. It takes only a few steps to recover files from external hard drive using CMD.

Step 1. Press Window key + R and type CMD in the search box.

Step 2. In the command prompt window, type “chkdsk’ drive letter/f and press Enter.

Step 3. Press Y until the command line starts again.

Step 4. Type the drive letter again and hit Enter (The command line will go back to the start).

Step 5. Now type [Drive letter:/>attrib – h-r-s/s/d*.*]. This command will recover the file from the storage drive.

enter command

Step 6. Once the process is done, a new folder is created on your external drive with all recovered files. Sometimes the files will be in.CHK format, change the format of the file and save it where you want to to be located.

How to Recover Files from Recycle Bin with Command Prompt

When the recycle bin is full, Window deletes files from recycle bin to make space for the newly deleted files. These deleted files can also be recoverable until the recycle bin is empty. The recovery system is very easy. Deleted files from the recycle Bin can be recoverable by the following steps:

Step 1. In the command prompt Window, type start shell: Recycle Bin folder and press enter.

Step 2. Select the file, which you want to restore from recycle bin.

Step 3. Restore them by pressing restore file.

Step 4. Your file will be restored and select the place where you want to replace it.

Best Alternative of Command Prompt to Recover Lost Files

Command Prompt is powerful though, it is preferable for computer professionals as wrong command can cause severe problems. Here we recommend you a better alternative to Command Prompt for data recovery - iMyFone AnyRecover.


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Features of iMyFone AnyRecover:        

It can recover data lost in any scenarios: be it accidentally deleted file, operation system crashes, recycle bin emptied, formatted devices, damaged/crashed/ dead hard drivers, lost partition, virus attacks, or RAW Drivers/partitions, etc.

You can restore your data from any internal and external devices including PC, memory card, music player, digital camera and more.

More than 1000 file types recoverable: documents, videos, audios, pictures, etc.

Files deleted a long times ago can also be recovered.

Recover your lost files in a few clicks, no technique skills required.

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How to Recover Deleted Files with AnyRecover

Step 1. Select the recovery mode, in this case select “Deleted Files Recovery” to recover your deleted data.

deleted files recovery

Step 2. Select the location where you lost your data such as a hard disk, external removable device and many more.

deleted files recovery select path

Step 3. Select the type of file that you want to recover like audio, video, etc, then start to scan.

deleted files select file type

Step 4. You can choose to preview before recovery. After selecting what you want to recover, click on the “Recover” button.

deleted files recovery scan

deleted files preview

Bonus: Most Useful Commands You Should Know

Command Prompt is a powerful tool. You can type “CMD” into your Windows search box then click on the Command Prompt button to bring up Command Prompt itself. Alternatively, you can press the Windows + R key then type “cmd.exe” in the run window, after that click on Enter.

You don’t need to know all of the Command Prompt commands to know the use of it. Here we list the most useful ones.

    1. Help - If you don’t need all the command in the command prompt, then you are just one word away to learn it. You type help or select it then when you ever fall down a CMD rabbit hole.

    2. Command - This is the best way to learn with detail and examples. If you check your command then select the command. This one will let you know everything you need to know about the command in the list. You can check examples of how this command works.

    3. IPConfig - If you have a networking issue, IPConfig is the best command to sort out your problem.

    4. Ping - Ping will inform you about your internet that it is officially down or if there is some software issue in your device.

    5. Cls - If your screen is too full, just type “Cls” and click Enter to clear the screen.


Command Prompt has many advantages and there are many commands which are very useful such as recovery data from the external hard drive, enter help to help in the recovery of your system, ping gives you the information of the internet and many more commands which make our life informative.

After reading the guide, we also learned an alternative to recover data from external hard drive with command prompt - iMyFone AnyRecover. To know more features and functions about it, you shouldn’t miss AnyRecover Full Review.

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By Alva Doris , to Deleted Files Recovery

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

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