Top 4 Fixes to "Folder Access Denied on Windows 11/10" Error

2023-03-30 14:18:33
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Are you troubleshooting while trying to access folders and files on your Windows 11/10 but the access is denied? Access denied includes several other problems like file or folder is moving, copying, corrupting or deleting. We will show several effective ways to fix this folder access denied issue in this article.

Why Does Folder Access Denied Error Occurs?

People complain and asked why access is denied to folders on their personal computers? Are windows is troubleshooting or corrupted? The primary reason is that you do not have permission in your computer settings to access the files. Maybe your user name is not saved as an administrator. Sometimes there is also ownership problems that lead to an access denied, or maybe your file is encrypted. Here we discuss the best solutions and software to allow yourself to access the files.

folder access denied windows 10

How to Fix Folder Access Denied on Windows 11/10?

1 Get the Ownership of The File and Folder

Sometimes the files are not appearing because you do not have the ownership. To solve this problem, use the following steps.

  • 1. Go to problematic folder, right click on it and choose properties.

  • 2. A small window will open, go to the security option and click on the advanced button.

  • 3. Find the owner section and click on change in front of it.

  • 4. Select group or user window will be shown up.

  • 5. In the tab of “enter the object name to select,” write up your user name or administrator. Now click on change names and press “OK.”

  • get owner ship folder

    2 Get the Permission of The File and Folder

    Another reason behind access denied to certain folders & files is that you did not have permission. To solve this issue, follow these steps to get approval.

  • 1. Go to denied access folder, right click on it, and go for properties.

  • 2. Navigate the security tab then click on the edit button.

  • get permission folder

  • 3. From the list, select your user name and check your full control for permission.

  • get permission folder

  • Note: This is the simplest solution to solve the access denied problem. If your user name is not in the list, then add it manually.

  • 3 Decrypt File and Folder

  • 1. Choose the file and folder you want to decrypt.

  • 2. Right click on the folder and select properties.

  • 3. The first click on the general tab then clicks on the advanced button.

  • 4. Clear all the tabs, except “allows files in this folder to have contents indexed.” Then click OK & OK again.

  • 5. In confirming attributes change windows, mark “Apply changes to this folder, subfolders, and files” and press OK.

  • 4 Adding Your Account to The Administrator Group

    If you do not have administrator privileges, then there are chances that folder access is denied to you. However, this problem could be addressed by following the below-mentioned steps on windows 11/10.

  • 1. On your keyboard, press X+ windows key at the same time. It will open up the Win+ X menu.

  • 2. From the list, select computer management.

  • 3. When the windows open, go to local users and groups and select users. Now identify your account, double click on it in the left pane.

  • 4. Go to “member of” tab and click on “add” button.

  • 5. In the tab of “enter the object name to select,” write up your user name or administrator. Now click on change names and press “OK” if everything is okay.

  • add account to administrator group

    How to Access the Folder When You Cannot Fix the Error?

    Sometimes you are just unable to take action to access the folder that access is denied. In this scenario, using some folder retrieving software will be the best to use. However, when there is numerous software available on the web, how one should know which is best to use. Use AnyRecover a professional software, which helps to retrieve all type of data including folders and files.

    AnyRecover deleted file recovery tool


    Key Features of AnyRecover That Helps You Access the Folder:

    • AnyRecover alone supports thousands of file formats for retrieving function. Whether you lost your Microsoft word, excel, power points files, or it is a picture or video or any folder, now restore all with AnyRecover.

    • It recovers files and folder from PC, laptop, mobile and any external storage device.

    • AnyRecover is easy to use and quickly recover data with few clicks.

    • AnyRecover supports virtual disk drives as well for retrieving your folders and files.

    • Try AnyRecover free version to check whether it works for retrieving your data or not.

    How to Fix

    Follow the simple steps to access your folder and files by using AnyRecover:

    Step 1. Download the software on PC and run it. Choose the inaccessible folder as the location.

    select location

    Step 2. After selecting the location, hit Start button to start scanning.

    start scan

    Step 3. It will give you a preview and allows you to select the files for restoring. Press the Recover button to restore access denied or lost folders and files.

    scanned files preview


Simply try the above methods to fix folder access denied on your Window 10/11. If you cannot fix the error, you can try to use AnyRecover to solve it, which helps to retrieve all type of data including folders and files.

Start a deep scan for free right now!

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