How to Sharpen a Video :3 Best Video Sharpeners

2024-04-26 16:55:43
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Imagine creating a video but ending up making it blurry. Can fix remove the blur of a video or correct the details of the edges appearing on the video? Luckily, you can improve the overall quality of the video courtesy of the perfect video sharpener.

Dig into this guide to explore the brilliant AI video sharpening tools to learn how to sharpen a video.

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Part 1: What is Video Sharpener?

A video sharpener helps you to increase the contrast of edges in your video, allowing you to produce the impressive perception of sharpness. It could assist you in making the blurry and noisy videos look crisper and clearer. You can also go for the AI video sharpener to add the exposure, increase the saturation, and improve the resolution of the video.

ai video sharpener

Part 2:Why Do You Need to Sharpen a Video?

Sharpening a video is quite important, and you can look at the potential reasons of why you must sharpen a video.

  • If the video's visuals don't look great and you're struggling to understand the full footage, a video sharpener could help you improve the overall quality of the video.
  • If you've created a blurred or noisy video, you can watch out for the AI sharpening tool to rip apart the blur from the videos.
  • If you've edited the video in a certain video editor, it could affect the video quality, so aiming at the video sharpener assists you in upscale the quality of the video.
  • video sharpening

    Part 3: The Best Free Video Sharpeners Recommended

    3.1 AnyRecover

    Despite looking at all the potential methods to opt for the AI video sharpening, if you're struggling to get the best video sharpener on board, AnyRecover is there to help you. With the extraordinary video repairing features, AnyRecover is capable of fixing the pixelation, blurriness, and corruption. Regardless of which video format you're aiming to enhance the quality of, AnyRecover supports multiple video formats, allowing you to improvise the overall quality of the video.

    anyrecover icon

    Key features of AnyRecover

    • Sharpen the videos quickly.
    • Available for Mac, Windows, iPhone, and Android
    • 100% safe and easy to use.
    • Offers excellent data recovery success rate and recovers lost and deleted files

    Here's the step by step guide to help you know how to sharpen a video via AnyRecover.

    Step 1 Navigate to the official webpage of the AnyRecover and install the software on the computer. Next, you'll need to start the program and press the ''Repair corrupted files'' before choosing the Video Repair icon.

    press the repair corrupted files

    Step 2 Upload the blurry video you wish to repair and hit the Repair icon.

    upload the video on anyrecover

    Step 3 AnyRecover tends to apply the video repairing feature to the video automatically, so you'll only need to upload the video to fix the video corruption. After sharpening the video, you'll need to click on the Preview button to review all the parameters of the video. Next, click on the Export button to get the edited video downloaded on the PC.

    obtaining the sharpen effect


    Supports multiple video formats

    Allows you to sharpen the video quickly

    Comes up with a simple user interface

    Compatible with the Mac and Windows


    The premium package is limited.


    When it comes to improving the quality of video, could be an appropriate gig. With the intuitive user interface and top notch video enhancing features, this AI video sharpening tool empowers you to enhance the video quality. Since prompts several AI-generated photo-enhancing models, it allows you to improve the video quality automatically.

    How to sharpen a video through

    Step 1 Navigate to the official website of the and choose the ''Enhance your Video Now button''. Click on the Upload button to import the video.

    import videos on mediaio

    Step 2 Now, will automatically upscale the video quality, and you can click the Preview button to review the changes made to the video.

    preview videos on mediaio

    Step 3 Press the Download button to export the video on the computer.

    download videos on mediaio


    No installation needed

    Doesn't affect the video quality

    Offers the several photo quality enhancing features

    Affordable premium package


    Unwanted ads might pop up.

    3.3. PowerDirector

    Another impressive and breathtaking video sharpener you can watch out for is PowerDirector. It is one of the best video editing tools that lets you customize the video without tweaking its overall quality. This tool has a manageable user interface, so you won't find it difficult to learn how to sharpen a video.

    Here's the step by step guide to sharpen a video via PowerDirector.

    Step 1 Launch the PowerDirector on the computer and import the video if you wish to add the sharpening effects.

    Step 2 Visit the Effects Tool to find the Sharpen effect. After obtaining the sharpen effect, you can apply it to the video by dragging it to the PowerDirector timeline.

    obtaining the sharpen effect

    Step 3 Preview the video, and upon being satisfied with it, click on the Export button to download it.


    Offers the professional AI video sharpening features

    No video quality loss

    Prompts the manageable user interface


    The premium package is limited.

    FAQs about Video Sharpener

    1. Is it possible to sharpen a video?

    If you're struggling with blurred video, you can sharpen it with tools like PowerDirector or Those tools only ask you to import the videos into the timeline of the respective video sharpening tools to initiate improving the quality of the video.

    2. How do you sharpen low quality videos?

    If your videos get corrupted and have lost their original quality, you can sharpen the low-quality videos courtesy of AnyRecover. It is one of the best AI video sharpening tools, empowering you to modify the quality of the video without damaging its overall quality.

    3. Is there an app to sharpen a video?

    You can sharpen a video through a desktop app like PowerDirector, but AnyRecover is the best video sharpener. With this tool, you can sharpen corrupted videos automatically.


    The presence of the video sharpener can help you improve the overall quality of the video, and this guide is all about enabling you to effortlessly sharpen a blurry video. Of all the options you can find from hereon to learn how to sharpen a video, AnyRecover remains the best AI video sharpening tool. It is the most recommended tool for repairing multiple corrupted videos simultaneously.

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