5 Best Picture Recovery Apps for Android [2020 Updated]

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Have you accidentally deleted some valuable pictures from your gallery? Don't worry, this unfortunate occurrence is more common than you might think and most of the time, you have good chances of recovering the deleted pictures. Retrieving deleted stuff is easier nowadays thanks to the advanced picture recovery apps available on the market.

Top 5 Picture Recovery Apps to Save Your Life


Dumpster is a reliable picture recovery app that you can use to recover deleted pictures on your Android device. This app works similar to Recycle Bin of Windows computer. Once you set this app up, your deleted pictures will be moved to the Dumpster. From there, you can easily restore them if needed. Apart from pictures, you can restore other files via this app as well. These include music, videos, text messages, documents, and more.


  • Recover deleted pictures as well as other types of files easily. No root required.

  • You don't need an internet connection to restore your deleted photos via this app.

  • Special lock screen which you can use to enter the app and protect your privacy.

  • To get better performance and results, you need to root your Android device.


DiskDigger Photo Recovery is another popular Android photo recovery app. This app digs through your device looking for photos that you may have intentionally or accidentally deleted. There are many useful features of this app and you can use it to recover deleted photos on different storage mediums, such as external USB drive, SD card, digital camera, and more.


  • Recover deleted photos from your Android's internal memory as well as SD card.

  • Save the recovered photos on your device or directly upload them to Dropbox or Good Drive.

  • You can filter the recovered pictures by file type and size.

  • Rooting is not mandatory in order for this app to work.

  • Lacks more filter options.

  • You need to root your device to perform a deeper scan.

3Photo Recovery

As the name suggests, Photo Recovery is ideal for quickly recovering deleted photos on an Android device. There are two different photo recovery modes or algorithms of this app which you can try one-by-one until your deleted photos are successfully recovered. Not only can this app help you recover your deleted photos quickly, it also allows you to preview the recoverable photos.


  • No root required in order to recover deleted photos via this app.

  • You can also backup your photos via this app.

  • Two different data recovery algorithms or modes, increasing the chances of successful photo recovery.

  • Data scanning takes too much time.


DigDeep is a powerful picture recovery app that allows you to recover a wide variety of deleted pictures on your Android device. The app supports several photo formats, including PNG, JPG, JPEG, and more. DigDeep has a user-friendly interface and you can use this app to recover deleted photos from your SD card as well.


  • User-friendly app interface.

  • Recover various types of photos.

  • Recover deleted photos from Android's internal memory as well as SD card.

  • Successful photo recovery rate is not very high.

  • Recovered pictures might get damaged and some may even be useless after recovery.

5Restore Image

Developed by AlpacaSoft, Restore Image is a popular picture recovery app for Android that has over 1 million downloads. You can install this app and recover deleted photos from both internal memory of your device as well as SD card.


  • User-friendly app interface and intuitive UI design.

  • Scan and recover deleted photos from both internal memory as well as SD card.

  • You can recover various formats of photos via this app.

  • Not root required in order to use Restore Image to recover your deleted photos.

  • You cannot use this app to recover photos if you have cleaned cache files on your device.

  • The scanning process takes a lot of time. However, this depends on the size of your device's internal memory or SD card.

Best Android Picture Recovery Software

If the above picture recovery app cannot find your lost photos, you can use a computer software for recovery. AnyRecover Photo Recovery is one of the best picture recovery software for computer, smartphone & digital camera.

This is because this tool has all the necessary features to help you quickly recover deleted photos from SD card of your device. Not to mention it has very high successful data recovery rate. Apart from photos, you can use AnyRecover to recover many other types of files from the SD card of your Android device.


1,000,000 + Downloads

Features of iMyFone AnyRecover:        

  • Recover more than 1000 file types including photos, videos, emails, audios and more.

  • Retrieve files that were lost from any scenarios: OS crash, virus attack, recycle bin emptied, lost partition, etc.

  • Data can be recovered from any storage media, such as PC, Android smartphone, flash drive, digital camera, music player and many more.

  • Ensure high success rate and 100% security.

Steps to Recover Pictures from Android

First, you need to download and install iMyFone AnyRecover on your computer.

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Step 1. Open AnyRecover. Then take out the SD card from your Android device, and connect it to your computer via a card reader. Select the SD card under "External Removable Devices".

select location external device

Step 2. After selecting the location, hit “Start” button to start scanning.

start scan

Step 3. After scanning, you'll be allowed to preview your photos, select those you want to recover then click on "Recover" button to proceed.

scanned files preview


Getting your valuable photos deleted can be a devastating experience. Fortunately, picture recovery apps exist that allow you to quickly and easily recover your deleted photos. The picture recovery apps listed above will help you in this regard. And if they cannot work for you, then it is recommended that you use AnyRecover Photo Recovery, after all, a computer-based software is powerful than an app.

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By Simon Marcus , to Photo Recovery

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

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