[Solved] How to Undelete Profile that I Mistakenly Deleted?

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“About 2 days ago, I was thinking of removing files I no longer use from my computer. I got carried away and emptied the user profiles’ folder. I later learned that my user profiles have disappeared. I want to know whether it is possible to undelete profile. I will appreciate your help, guys.” – Victor, Quora

If you are in the same situation as Victor above, you do not have to worry, your issue can be solved both quickly and easily. In this article, we will show you the various methods you can use to undelete profile. Before we show you the solutions you can use, let’s see some of the causes of user profile deletion.

1Common Situations User Profiles Are Deleted

There might be different reasons for profile deletion or loss. Here are some situations:

1. Bugs

The Microsoft feature update for Windows 10 released in October 2018 had numerous bugs. One of the bugs caused the automatic deletion of users’ personal files and the data stored in the user profile folders. If you have not updated your Windows 10 since the October 2018 feature update, there is a chance that the bugs are the reason your profile disappeared.

2. Accidental Deletion

You could delete the files associated with user profile by mistake. For example, when you are cleaning up your computer.

3. Virus/Malware

These could corrupt the user profile data. Also, they could delete some of the data associated with the user profile.

2How to Undelete Profile on Windows?

Solution 1: Use the System Restore Point

This method will only offer you ideal results if you had created a restore point on your computer before the user profile got deleted. The steps below will help you implement the solution:

Step 1. Boot the computer from the Windows 10 installation/setup disc. After your computer boots, select your preferred language and then hit the Next button.

Step 2. On the next screen, choose “Repair your computer”.

Step 3. Select Troubleshoot > click Advanced options > select System Restore.

Step 4. Select Windows 10 on the next screen.

Step 5. On the System Restore wizard, hit the Next button.

Step 6. Select the point before you deleted the user profile (check the date and time to confirm) and then hit Next.

Step 7. Click finish and then hit Yes.

Step 8. Wait for the system restore process to complete. After the process finishes, simply restart the computer. Your missing profile should be available.

system restore point undelete profile

Solution 2: Undelete Profile by Restoring to Previous Versions

This method will restore the deleted data from the Volume Shadow Copy. Below, we have the steps you will need to follow:

Step 1. Open the Explorer Window and select partition C:

Step 2. Right-click on the Users folder and then choose “Restore previous versions”.

Step 3. Choose the Previous Versions tab and check to see if the deleted user profile is available.

Step 4. Select the required profile and then open it. Select Restore to undelete profile.

restore previous version undelete profile

3Ultimate Way to Recover User Profile with AnyRecover

The solutions outlined above will only work if you had created a restore point before the profile got deleted. It is also worth noting that solution 1 requires you to use the Windows 10 installation disc. If you do not have access to the Windows installation disc or you have not created a restore point, you do not have to assume that you have lost your user profile completely. You can use iMyFone AnyRecover to get the profile back.

AnyRecover will scan your hard drive, locate the profile, allow you to preview it before you can go ahead and restore it. The whole process will take just a couple of minutes. AnyRecover does all the hard work for you. All you will have to do to get the profile back is to follow some extremely simple onscreen instructions.


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AnyRecover Main Features

  • If you happen to lose audio files, documents, archives, emails, images, videos, etc., AnyRecover can help you get all these files back.

  • The tool works with all storage devices. On top of working with computer hard drives, the tool works with camcorders, memory cards, hard drives, flash drives, digital cameras, mobile phones, etc.

  • You can use AnyRecover to recover data lost via deletion, formatting, damaged hard drive, malware/virus attack, emptied recycle bin, lost partition, OS crash/reinstallation, etc.

  • The free trial version allows you to confirm that you are paying for a tool capable of solving your problem.

Download NowDownload Now

How to Undelete Profile Using AnyRecover?

Step 1. After launching AnyRecover on your computer, select the location where your user profile resided before it got deleted.

select location

Step 2. After selecting the location, hit “Start” button to start scanning.

start scan

Step 3. After the scan, your lost files should be displayed. Preview the files and select the ones you would like to recover. To get the files back, hit the “Recover” button.

scanned files preview

If your Windows user profile has disappeared, the solutions outlined in this article should come in handy. If solution 1 and 2 fail to help you undelete profile, you should try AnyRecover. Unlike solution 1 and 2 which require the computer to have a restore point, AnyRecover will help you recover your user profile without the need for a backup or a restore point. .
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Posted on Aug 17, 2019  ( Updated: May 29, 2020 )

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