Asoftech Photo Recovery Review: Pros, Cons & Performance 2020

No matter what device you use to capture and store photos, there may come a time when you will need to recover some of the accidentally deleted photos. Photo recovery is possible but the success of the recovery depends on the data recovery tool that you use. Asoftech Photo Recovery is a popular tool in this regard. This article reviews its features, performances, and cons.

1Asoftech Photo Recovery Full Review

Asoftech Photo Recovery as the name suggests, is a data recovery tool that has been designed specifically to help users conveniently recover their deleted photos. Despite its name, this tool can recover more than just deleted photos. You can recover various types of files that have been deleted from your storage device.

1Pros & Cons

  • Quickly recover accidentally deleted photos.

  • Supports recovery of many types of files, including (but not limited to) documents, videos, photos, audio, emails, etc.

  • Supports most storage devices, including digital cameras, hard drives, smartphones, digital cameras, and more.

  • Data scanning speed is fast among many similar tools available on the market.

  • The user-interface of this software is plain and you cannot customize it.

  • You cannot recover files with unregistered version.

  • The tool is not very efficient when it comes to recovering photos from a reformatted hard drive.


When it comes to performance, Asoftech Photo Recovery lacks in various aspects. It's interface for example, makes it difficult to navigate through its various features.


To test the performance of the software, we simulated a reformatted drive and a lost file scenario to see how good this tool really is when it comes to recovering various types of photos.

Supported Photo Types: The tool also cannot recover all types of photos despite its claims.

Scanning Speed: The data scanning speed is quite fast, but the tool is not as successful at recovering all photos as some other photo recovery tools.

Success Rate: During the lost file scenario tests, the tool managed to recover about 50% of JPG files. The results of reformatted drive test were even worse. It only managed to recover about 2% of other raster files.

In conclusion, Asoftech Photo Recovery is not the best tool when it comes to recovering deleted photos from a storage device.

Why Trust Us?

We have been testing data recovery tools for many years. Each  tool is tested extensively for hours under different types of data loss scenarios. Then, we compare the results with other similar tools so you can get the most informed data.

Apart from this, we investigate each company's informational resources and technical support to verify the claims. With our extensive research and efforts, you are rest assured that you will always get authentic and informed reviews regarding the software.

How We Test

To test a photo recovery software, we first create a data set with the same number of camera raw, production, vector, and raster files. After that, save those files and delete them several times from the drives.  Then, start to test the software.

The test is performed multiple times and after all the tests, we average the result. We also use other data recovery tools in order to compare the results and get better understanding of how well the software performs.

2Best Alternative for Asoftech Photo Recovery Free

Asoftech may not be the tool for you when it comes to recovering various types of photos. So, if you are looking for a reliable alternative, then it is highly recommended that you give AnyRecover Photo Recovery a try. This tool has many useful features and modes and has a very high success rate when it comes to recovering any kind of lost data.


1,000,000 + Downloads

Features of AnyRecover

  • Recover all your photos no matter how you lost it: reformatted, accidentally deleted, corrupted drive, etc.

  • Recover your photos from any storage medium: memory card, digital camera, USB disk, hard drive, smartphone, etc.

  • Supports all formats of photo recovery, including RAW, jpg, psd, png, gif, etc.

  • Supports over 1000 file types: photos, videos, documents, emails, audios, etc.

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Comparison of Asoftech and AnyRecover

Success Rate
Scanning Speed
Available Version
Only Win
Deep Scan
Trash/Recycle Bin Recovery
Preview Data
Multiple Files Recovery
Formatted  Devices Recovery
Lost Partition Recovery
Scan Specific Path
Scan Specific File Type

STEP 1Select one of the recovery modes according to your situation.

deleted files recovery mode

STEP 2Choose the location or storage medium where you lost your photos.

deleted files recovery

Then select the Photos in the next interface, click on Scan button to begin the process.

deleted files recovery

STEP 3Wait for a while, then preview and select the photos you want to recover.

deleted files recovery


Asoftech Photo Recovery is a data recovery tool designed to help you recover all types of photos as well as other deleted files. However, the tool's performance doesn't seem to be as good as one might expect. If you are looking for an alternative, then download and install AnyRecover Photo Recovery. It is reliable data recovery tool that offers many advantages and has virtually no cons.

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By  Simon Marcus , to Photo Recovery

Posted on May 21, 2019  ( Updated: Dec 16, 2019 )

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