How to Convert BRAW to MP4/MOV/Prores on Windows and Mac?

2024-02-06 20:12:49
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Since BRAW file format doesn't fall in the category of standard video format, most cameras won't store the video content in this format. Only Blackmagic cameras use the BRAW file format to retain the high video and audio.

It is a similar format to RAW video and is exclusive to all Blackmagic cameras. Although this format has some advantages, most devices don't support it, so finding a reliable BRAW to MP4 converter comes into play. You can dive into this post to explore the beautiful ways to convert BRAW to MP4.

braw to mp4 converter

Part 1. Possible Reasons for Using BRAW to MP4 Converter

Multiple reasons could urge you to use the BRAW file converter, and a few of them are given below.

  • If you don't have the BRAS Video Editing tool and player, you'll want to transform the BRAW files into MP4.
  • Since BRAW video files contain a lot of extra storage space, you'd like to turn the BRAW video format into the MP4 video format.
  • You may be looking to upload the videos to social media, so turning the BRAW files into MP4 will assist you in getting better results.
  • Part 2. How to Convert BRAW to MP4 on Windows, Mac, and Linux?

    If you're looking for the BRAW to MP4 converter, looking at the DaVinci Resolve won't be a bad gig. It is brilliant video editing software that lets you perform multiple editing operations on the videos. Turning the BRAW files into MOV or MP4 video format is only a matter of a few moments for the DaVinci Resolve. On top of that, it doesn't affect the video quality when you try to convert BRAW to MOV or MP4.

    Here's how to convert BRAW to MP4 through DaVinci Resolve.

    Step 1. Download and install the DaVinci Resolve on the PC and click the File icon. Proceed by tapping the Import icon and then choosing the Media button afterward.

    check for updates

    Step 2. Choose the BRAW video you'd like to convert and press the Deliver button.

    check for updates

    Step 3. Now, you'll see the Render settings popping up, and you can adjust the frame rate, resolution, location file name, and more. Press the ''Add to Render Queue'' icon to turn the BRAW video into MP4.

    convert braw to mp4

    Part 3. How to Convert BRAW to MP4 Online?

    You can also opt for the BRAW to MP4 converter online courtesy of Online-Convert. It is a mind-blowing online tool that takes no time before turning the RAW files into MP4. On top of that, this doesn't affect the video quality and, despite being an online tool, doesn't insert the watermark on the videos.

    Here's how to convert BRAW to MP4 via Online-Convert.

    Step 1. Navigate to the official webpage of the Online-Convert and select the Choose File button to import the video you'd like to convert.

    check for updates

    Step 2. Select the MP4 or any other formats as the destination video format, and you can also adjust the other video editing parameters.

    check for updates

    Step 3. After applying all the changes, you can download the videos into the preferred folder on the computer.

    Part 4. Bonus Tip: How to Recover Lost BRAW Files

    Multiple reasons can cause the BRAW files to get deleted, so that you could end up losing the important video files. The arrival of the AnyRecover turned out to be a game changer. It enables you to retrieve lost data from multiple storage and get back the 1000+ file types quite simply and easily.

    AnyRecover deleted file recovery tool


    Features of AnyRecover

    • Allows you to recover data from multiple scenarios, including saving your BRAW files.

    • The tool enables recover more than 1000 types of files such as images, videos, music files, emails, office documents, and other files.

    • Supports mobile devices including iOS and Android.

    • Offers the highest recovery rate

    • Allows you to preview the data quickly

    • The highest recovery rate reaching to 99.7%.

    Step 1. After visiting the official webpage of AnyRecover, you'll need to install the software and start the program afterward. Click on the data recovery mode and select the folder from which you've lost the files.

    click anyrecover data recovery

    Step 2. Click on the Scan icon to begin scanning for the lost BRAW files, and the process will take only a few moments before getting the job done. After sca, select the files you want to restore.

    scan and preview step

    scan and preview step

    Step 3. Preview the files and then click the Recover icon to retrieve the lost data. The process only takes a few moments before getting the data back.

    recover file step

    Part 5. BRAW to MP4 Converter FAQs

    Can I convert BRAW to MP4?

    BRAW is a high-definition video format that takes extra storage space and is used by the big production house. Luckily, you can convert BRAW to MP4, and multiple outstanding tools have been made available.

    What format is BRAW?

    Blackmagic cameras tend to use the BRAW video format. If you tend to create videos with BlackMagic cameras, which will produce the BRAW file. BRAW file contains the compressed images in a unique sequence.

    How to convert raw to MP4?

    Multiple tools that ask you to convert the RAW file into MP4 affect the video quality. With DaVinci Resolve in the market, you don't need to worry about the video as it helps you convert BRAW to MP4 in original quality. It only asks you to act upon a few simple steps to get the BRAW files turned into the MP4 video format.

    Can you edit BRAW in Premiere?

    You can import the BRAW files if you've acquired the premium Adobe Premiere. After uploading the BRAW files, you can perform the preferred video editing operations in the BRAW video files.


    You can take notes from this guide to get the appropriate BRAW to MP4 converter on board. We have listed two unique ways to help you learn how to convert BRAW to MP4. These tools won't affect the video quality and will retain the original quality.

    However, if you've deleted the BRAW file unintentionally, you can get them back courtesy of AnyRecover.

    It is one of the best data recovery tools that enable you to retrieve the lost, offering a mesmerizing and straightforward user interface.

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