How to Repair a Partition: Everything You Need to Know 2019

Yesterday, I check my hard drive and three of my partitions suddenly disappeared. For solving this issue, I have created a recovery disk on one partition. But I didn’t know how to come out from this situation and how I can go for partition repair. In this content, I am explaining in detail how I solve the issue.

When Will You Need to Perform Partition Repair?

Logically, a partition is a separation of the whole hard disk. Furthermore, a partition is helpful to store the data and system files, so it works efficiently when there is no issue in the partition. However, if the issue occurs then it is important to consider partition repair option.

Reasons for Partition Loss/Corruption

In case, you get an error message about the missing partition, then first you’ll check the reason for lost partition. Here I am explaining some reasons for partition loss:

Accidentally deleted file: You deleted the file by accidentally or mistakenly at the time of cleaning the partition.

When data is corrupted: Mostly, the partition table is damaged through faulty disk operation or virus attack, thus the lost partition issue occurs.

Bad sector problem: Sometimes, the issue of the bad sector can cause your partition not being recognized by OS.

Cases That Require Partition Repair

A logical separation of a hard disk is known as a partition that is used to store the data and system files. Sometimes the partition can be corrupted but you can easily perform partition repair if you know the exact issue. Here are the three main cases:

1. When the computer is unable to boot
2. Issue of lost partitions
3. Unable to access a partition

How to Repair a Damaged Partition?

There are several partitions on a hard disk that stores the data efficiently. Basically, the partition holds a specific set of system files and data that is necessary to boot the system. Usually, the partition table has many extended and primary partitions. There is also a possibility arising that the partition might be damaged, this can lead to serious data loss. If you have the right solution, repairing damaged partition isn’t as difficult as you thought. Windows CMD is such a tool you can make use of.

Here are the steps involved:

Step 1: Click on “Start” menu, type in CMD on the search bar.

Step 2: Right click cmd.exe and choose “Run as administrator”.

Step 3: Type in chkdsk *: /f /r /x (* is the drive letter of the partition you desire to repair).

using cmd to repair a damaged partition

How to Repair a Partition When It is Inaccessible

Case 1: Device Not Recognized

Sometimes, whenever you connect your device, initially it works smoothly and maybe another moment the pop-up message appears that the current device can’t be recognized. Thus the reason behind this is USB interface voltage variability, drive hidden issue, BIOS setting issue, compatibility issue or anything else.

usb device not recognized

Here is the solution:

1. Establish a strong connection between USB data line or another system to proceed with the verification process.
2. Simply ensure that the BIOS and operating system are enabled.
3. Make it sure that everything can be compatible with each other such as motherboard and system.
4. Simply verify if the interface voltage of USB markable or not.
5. Consider the Disk management system so you can unhide the drive.

Case 2: Driver Letter is Missing

Whenever the disk management is unable to provide the partition, thus it will remain an invisible state in your computer and Windows Explorer. The main reason can be virus attack, letter removal, or maybe the fact that the system doesn’t allocate the partition.

drive letter is missing

In case, you’re facing the missing drive letter issue then follow these steps:

Step 1: Simply right-click on the specific partition.
Step 2: Choose the “Change Drive Letter & Paths” options.
Step 3: Select the Add option.
Step 4: In the end, click on “Okay”.

Bonus: How to Recover Data from Different Partition Problems?

AnyRecover is the best option to recover the lost, deleted or formatted files. It can recover your data from various partition issues and get you out of trouble.


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Key Features of AnyRecover:

An intelligent partition recovery tool with a high success rate.

It doesn’t matter the cause of data loss, AnyRecover can easily recover it.

It supports different formats including audio files, documents, pictures, videos, images and achieve files, etc.

Recover your data from any type of storage medium.

It comes with the specific recovery algorithm that goes deep to scan and recover the unlimited data within a short of time.

It allows you to preview your lost partition data so as to recover them accurately.

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Steps to Recover Data from Lost Partitions with AnyRecover?

Here I am providing the step by step procedure for data recovery with the help of AnyRecover software:

Step 1: Firstly, install the AnyRecover software in your PC and then choose the mode of “Lost Partition Recovery”.

lost partition recovery mode

Step 2: After that, the AnyRecover start the process of scanning to get the immediate result for partition. Once the scanning process is completed, choose your desired partition and click immediately on “Next”.

select a partition

Step 3: After selecting the specific file type you want to recover, click on "Scan" option.

choose file type

Step 4: AnyRecover needs some couple of minutes to perform the scan and list the results in respective file type. Then select the file and click to preview it before hitting the “Recover” option.

lost partition recover

Note: You can choose “Overall Scan Your Partitions”, if you can’t find your lost partitions in this mode.


I have discussed all the possible ways for partition repair. I hope that one of the listed solutions could help. In case, these options are not accessible then it’s better to focus on an all-in-one recovery option - iMyFone AnyRecover which will save you from the trouble of data loss in any partition issues.

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