External Device Recovery

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[Easily Solved] How to Fix Raw SD Card Without Formatting

Here, we’ll discuss some reliable methods to help you easily fix RAW SD card without losing your precious data.

userBy James Crawford|Mar 12, 2021

How to Recover Deleted Files from Flash Drive without Software

Recovering deleted files from a flash drive without software is fairly easy to achieve. This guide offers 3 reliable ways. Check it and get back your data.

userBy Simon Marcus|Mar 11, 2021

[2021 Fixed] SD Card Not Showing up on PC - 7 Easy Ways

Are you encountering the issue of SD Card not showing up on your PC? No worries! It is easy to fix if you follow the steps here…

userBy James Crawford|Jan 20, 2021

Tips and Tricks on Western Digital Hard Drive Data Recovery

Lost data from your Western Digital hard drive? Find the easiest way to recover the data easily and quickly here!

userBy James Crawford|Jan 15, 2021

[Fixed] 'The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer' on Mac

Here are methods to fix "the disk you inserted was not readable by this computer" error on external hard drive/USB/SD card/MacBook/macOS Catalina/Mojave/High Sierra.

userBy Simon Marcus|Jan 11, 2021

[2020] Quick Solutions for "USB Device Not Recognized" Error

"USB Device Not Recognized" keeps popping up? Here are 5 easy methods to fix the error and help you recover all data on your USB drive.

userBy James Crawford|Dec 25, 2020

How to Encrypt/Decrypt an SD Card [2020 Updated]

Encrypting an SD card can effectively guard data security. However, decryption is necessary in some case. This post would save you from all the trouble.

userBy Alva Doris|Dec 22, 2020

5 Best Solutions to Reset USB Ports That aren't Working

USB ports stop working for some reason? Here are 5 solutions to try to reset USB ports that aren't working.

userBy Alva Doris|Dec 22, 2020

How to Fix “the parameter is incorrect” Error? 5 Solutions Offered

The 'parameter is incorrect' error can happen due to an old Windows version, corrupted files on the drive, malware issues, and etc. This article shows 5 solutions to fix.

userBy Mike Sangster|Dec 21, 2020

How to Undo External Hard Drive Conversion to ESD-USB

In this article, we list 3 methods to undo ESD-USB and convert it back to normal. You can also learn how to recover lost files from ESD-USB.

userBy Scott Tarmey|Dec 15, 2020