Top 4 Ways to Recover PDF Files (Up to 98% Success Rate)

Losing your hard work is frustrating and getting the work back isn't something many people know how to do. Maybe your computer or PDF editor crashed, or you possibly deleted it by accident. Whatever the reason is, you can recover PDF files using these solutions.

How to Recover PDF Files? - 4 Ways

1Recover Lost PDF File with iMyFone AnyRecover

With iMyFone AnyRecover you can restore literally any file on your computer. Accidentally deleted or corrupted doesn't matter because this program is so effective that it is capable of recover PDF in all scenarios.

It's not just PDF files that iMyFone AnyRecover can restore. Photos, videos, documents, and basically all types of files. Better yet, you don't need to be an expert to recover using iMyFone AnyRecover because it's so user-friendly that it's a straightforward process.


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  • No matter how you lost your pdf files, you can always get it back with AnyRecover.

  • It supports over1000 file formats, enable you get back all your lost data.

  • Free preview allows you to determine whether it can find your lost pdf files before purchasing.

  • Up to 98% success rate of recovery, far higher than its competitors.

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Try it out for free and you'll see for yourself how capable of PDF recovery this program is.

Step 1. Select one of the modes according to your situation.


Step 2. Set file type you want to recover, here select the Document option. Then click on Scan button.

all round file type

Step 3. Finally, choose the PDF files and recover them.

all round scan

2Recover Deleted PDF Files from Recycle Bin

Losing a piece of work that you put a lot of effort into will make you think illogically. You may not even realize that you can just open the Recycle Bin and get it back quickly. Here's how:

Step 1. Go to your desktop and open the Recycle Bin.

Step 2. Search through the deleted files and locate your PDF.

Step 3. Right-click the file and select "Restore" or drag it out of the Recycle Bin.


Step 4. You will now be able to access it again.

This will work to recover PDF files on both Windows and Mac computers if you accidentally deleted the file.

3Recover Adobe PDF File after Crash

Computer applications crashing can't always be helped, it's just something that happens on occasion. This may occur when you're using Adobe and fortunately, there is a way to recover files after Adobe crashes.

Step 1. Start by opening a folder and going to "This PC" or "Computer".

Step 2. Double-click the primary drive (Local Disk C:).

Step 3. Go to "Users" and double-click the folder for the account you are using.

Step 4. Next go to "AppData > Local > Adobe > Acrobat > 0".


Step 5. Finally open the "Cache" folder and you should find an autosave of the PDF.

If you aren't able to locate this folder then you may have hidden folders enabled. To disable this type "Show hidden files and folders" in the Windows search bar and click the top result. From here simply check the setting "Show hidden files, folders, and drives" and click "OK", and try the steps above again.


4Recover PDF File Not Saved Yet from Word

Microsoft Word is capable of saving files in PDF format. Typically users will save Word files as DOC or DOCX but when it comes to business reports or compiling documents into an easily readable (and widely compatible) format, PDF has its benefits.

So, what if you're using Microsoft Word and it crashes before you save it? Follow these steps to recover PDF when using Word.

Step 1. Open any word document and click the "File" tab.

Step 2. Go to "Options > Save" and you'll be shown a "Word Options" box.

Step 3. Locate the setting "AutoRecover file location" and make a note of this.


Step 4. Now open up a folder and navigate to the AutoSave folder address that you found in Word's settings.

Step 5. After accessing the AutoRecover folder you should see several autosave files. Select the most recent autosave and copy it to a different folder.

Step 6. Open the pdf file to confirm that it is the correct PDF files.

If you aren't able to find the autosave then Word might not be configured properly. To avoid future data loss, go back to the Word settings and enable "Keep the last autosaved version if I close without saving". This will keep your documents safe if Word crashes again.

Bonus: How to Protect PDF Files from Accidental Deletion

Let's take a step back and consider some of the ways to protect PDF files from accidentally being deleted or corrupt.

  • Make sure your anti-virus software is updated to prevent viruses

  • Run defragmentation regularly to ensure your disks are being used effectively

  • Run disk error checks to prevent surprise disk corruption

  • Safely remove external hard drives and flash drives

  • Regularly back up your important files to external or cloud storage

So, not only should you be aware of how to recover PDF, but you should also know what steps to take to avoid needing to recover files altogether.

In Conclusion

Whatever causes you to lose the PDF you'll hopefully find a solution to recover PDF files in the article above. iMyFone AnyRecover is our recommendation as it's the best way to recover literally any file and therefore will be a program you can use anytime you lose or accidentally delete files.

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By  Simon Marcus , to Document Recovery

Posted on Aug 01, 2019  ( Updated: May 29, 2020 )