[2020] Best Way to Restore Windows.old Folder on Windows 10

The updating process of Windows 10 is pretty simple. Generally, this process is completed without doing any damage to your personal files like audio, video or any other kind of data. But sometimes, you may encounter the deletion of some files after updating the Windows.

If you are not able to find your previous files after the OS upgrade, there are some ways to restore those lost files. The unexpected behavior can move these files to Windows.old folder and we are going to discuss effective ways to restore files from Windows.old on Windows 10.

Part 1: What Is the Windows.old Folder?

When you upgrade to Windows 10 from any other older version of Windows, a Windows.old folder is created in your new version. The main purpose of this folder is to store all the data of the previous version of Windows and if you don't like the new version, you can restore Windows.old Windows 10 folder to go back to the older version. Most of the times, this folder only contains the system files but if you see that some of the other files are also missing from the system after the upgrade, you can look for those lost files in the Windows.old folder.

Windows.old folder in Windows 10

The Windows.old folder is not going to be there for a long time as it is consuming the storage capacity of your system. Below are 3 main situations that Windows user might face:

If you like the newer version and don't want to go back even after almost 30 days, this folder will be deleted.

If you want to downgrade to the older version, the setup will use this folder to reinstall the older version.

If you see that any file is missing, you can look for those files and can restore Windows.old Windows 10 before it gets deleted.

Part 2: Effetive Solutions to Restore Files from Windows.old Folder on Windows 10

There are some working methods to restore files from Windows.old folder on Windows 10 and we are going to discuss two effective and easy solutions.

Solution 1: Start Outlook in Safe Mode to Fix Processing Screen

AnyRecover Windows recovery software uses the latest technology to dig down into system storage to restore your deleted files. No matter how you have lost these Windows files, AnyRecover supports to restore any kind of deleted files and media without requiring any technical knowledge. You can use this tool to restore Windows.old folder on Windows 10  and this unique feature makes it one of the top data recovery tools for Windows.


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Features of AnyRecover Windows Recovery Software
  • Recover almost all kinds of files including documents, audio, videos and system files.

  • Restore deleted Wndows.old files on Windows 10 without overwriting other files.

  • Support not only hard drive, but also external storage devices such as SD card and camcorder.

  • Never leak or save the recovered data to protect your privacy.

  • Easy to follow step-by-tep guide to restoring deleted files from Windows.

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Recover Files from Windows.old Folder on Wndows 10 with AnyRecover

You can follow these simple given steps to restore files from Windows.old folder on Windows 10 with the help of AnyRecover data recovery tool.

Step 1. Launch the AnyRecover recovery tool and choose the location of the Windows.old folder.

select location

Step 2. After choosing the location, chick on “Start” button to start the scanning process. AnyRecover will look for possible deleted files in the selected location.

start scan

Step 3. You will see a list of files that can be restored. Choose the Windows.old folder files that you want to recover and click "Recover" to find back the selected files. Sit around and wait for AnyRecover to restore the lost files from Windows.old folder. Select a safe position to store and use these recovered files.

scanned files preview

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Solution 2: Copy Files from the Windows.old Folder Manually

If you are not looking for an easier way and want to try trick manual way to restore Windows.old Windows 10, this method is perfect for you. You can restore the deleted files Windows.old folder manually after the upgrading Windows.

Step 1. Open the File Explorer window, then access the Windows.old folder at C:\Windows.old, and browse your file system.

Your personal files will be located under C:\Windows.old\Users\your_name.

Step 2. A folder with your user name will appear in the tab and you can choose the files that you wish to restore.

Step 3. Select the desired files and move to the location where you want to store these files.

Step 4. You can use "Folder Options" to show the hidden files if the target file or folder is not available.

Copy Windows.old files

Cons of Manually Copying:

This method can only work if your Windows.old folder still exists after the upgrade. If you failed to find the required file in the search results, this method is useless for you and it works rarely in most of the recovery cases.

Part 3: How to Delete Windows.old on Windows 10 after Upgrading

If you are satisfied with the upgraded Windows 10 and want to free up some space from your system, deleting the Windows.old folder can help you a lot. Follow the given steps to delete Windows.old folder from your computer.

Step 1. Open Windows search bar and type "disk cleanup" and then choose "Disk Cleanup".

Search diskcleanup in the search bar

Step 2. Select the C drive in the Disk Cleanup window and click "OK".

Disk cleanup

Step 3. Choose the "Previous Windows installation(s)" box and see that you have selected all the other related boxes too and delete the folder permanently.

Clean up previous Windows installation


From what has been mentioned above, you might have had a general impression on the function of the Windows.old folder, as well as how to delete and recover files from the Windows.old on Windows 10. iMyFone AnyRecover Windows data recovery software can recover almost all kinds of deleted data, including restoring files from Windows.old folder on Windows 10 with easy and safe operation. Do not hesitate to download the free trial if you like the features of AnyRecover Windows data recovery tool.

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By  Mike Sangster , to Deleted Files Recovery

Updated on May 29, 2020

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