How Can You Recover Deleted Downloads?

Accidentally deleting a downloaded file is a common thing and many people don’t even notice it until they need that file again. The “delete” button in almost all designs of keyboards is right above the “backspace” button. So, whenever a person needs to press the backspace button, there are chances of him, accidentally pressing the delete button resulting in the loss of a precious file. If this happens with you, you first need to check the Recycle Bin and if the file is not there you will have to use some other ways to recover deleted downloads.

1Is Recovering Deleted Downloads Possible?

You can recover deleted downloaded files from your hard drive, external drive, or flash drive. Of course, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to recover deleted files but there is a good chance that you might be.

When a file is deleted it is not actually erased from the memory even if you have deleted it from the recycle bin. It continues to exist on the hard drive. That’s why it is possible to recover it.

Recovering a deleted file depends on when the file was deleted because when you delete a file, it is actually waiting to be overwritten by anything else. If you will install any new file on the computer it will overwrite the deleted file and you will lose it permanently.


2How to Recover Deleted Downloads with AnyRecover?

There could be many reasons for deletion of files like virus attack, hard disk crash, unexpected format, etc. All these can result in loss of important data that is of vital importance to you. If you have deleted some downloaded files by mistake or intentionally you need to act quickly because the sooner you try to recover the file, the more chances you have of recovering that file. You can use data recovery software to recover deleted files. AnyRecover software is the best software for you to recover deleted downloads. You can use it at home or at the office. It has made the process of data recovery easier. You can recover data of every format from any storage device.


1,000,000 + Downloads

AnyRecover features will help you recover deleted files easily
  • You can recover 1000+ files like documents, images, audio, video, etc.

  • It supports a wide range of storage media, like hard drives, external drives, digital cameras, USB drives, and almost every other storage device.

  • Recovering data from virtual disks is also supported and is much easier than other software.

  • Another noticeable feature of AnyRecover is that you can try it for free and if you are satisfied with its performance you can purchase it.

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How to recover deleted data using AnyRecover?

Step 1: Open AnyRecover program and choose your required mode. To recover deleted files, choose the “Deleted Files Recovery” mode.

anyrecover screenshot

Step 2: Now you have to select the location from where you want to recover files.

anyrecover screenshot

Step 3: After you have specified the path select the file type and format you want to recover, then click "Scan".

anyrecover screenshot

Step 4: When the files are found you can preview each file and then click “Recover”.

anyrecover screenshot

anyrecover screenshot

3Other Methods to Recover Deleted Downloads

You can also recover deleted downloads by using some simple methods.

If your chrome downloads are missing or if you have accidentally deleted them, you can easily recover them. You can also resume the canceled downloads. Here, we tell you 3 methods to recover deleted downloads.

Method 1: Restore Manually

If you have accidentally deleted your chrome downloads you can restore them manually. You just need to follow these 4 steps:

  • 1. Open Google Chrome.

  • 2. Type chrome://downloads on the address bar and press enter.

  • 3. Once the download page is open you just have to scroll down and find the deleted or removed file you want to recover. It can be a document, video, image, etc. If there are too many files, you can also search for the required file.

  • 4. Now, below the deleted or remove file name there will be a link for that file, you can click that link to re-download the file again.

  • restore chrome downloads

    Method 2: CTRL+Z

    Google Chrome allows you to undo any deletion or removal of the file. This is a very simple and easy method to recover deleted chrome downloads. You just have to follow these 3 steps:

  • 1. First you need to open the download folder in your computer.

  • 2. Press CTRL+Z to undo or recover deleted downloads.

  • 3. If you have more than one file to recover you need to continue pressing CTRL+Z until you have recovered all deleted files.

  • Method 3: Recover from Recycle Bin

    You can easily recover deleted downloads from Recycle Bin too. All your chrome downloads are saved into a folder in any of the local disks. So, when any file is deleted it is gone into the Recycle Bin. You can recover deleted download from Recycle Bin by following these 3 simple steps:

  • 1. First open Recycle Bin.

  • 2. Look for the deleted downloads you want to restore.

  • 3. If the file you want to restore is there just right click on it and then click “Restore”.

  • Conclusion:
    We hope you have understood how you can recover deleted data. Just keep in mind; you have to be a little cautious for recovering deleted files properly. Try to minimize computer use and do not install anything on the computer as you should avoid overwriting the file you want to recover. Respond in time and use efficient data recovery tool like AnyRecover. It not only saves your time but allows you to recover unlimited files efficiently without causing any harm to your computer.

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By  James Crawford , to Deleted Files Recovery

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