[Solved] Can I Recover Lost Files from Mac Guest Account?


“I am a new Mac user. I recently created a guest user account on my wife’s Mac after losing my Windows PC. The goal was to keep our files separate. However, after rebooting the Mac, I realized that all my downloaded files are missing. Is there a way I can get the files back? I need most of the files for my current project. Thank you, guys.” – Richard, Quora

If you have lost data in a guest account on Mac, Richard’s situation may sound familiar. The good news is that it is possible to recover data lost in a guest account on Mac. We will show you how to recover the data. But first, let’s answer the question, what is a Mac guest account?

1What is Mac Guest Account

A guest account on Mac allows other people to use your Mac without jeopardizing your main account. The guest account keeps other users from accessing your personal data, including your apps, preferences, browsing history, etc. The users generally don’t need a password to log in. Also, they won’t have the ability to log in remotely. The guest account does not allow users to change the user or computer settings.

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2How to Recover Files from Mac Guest Account Using AnyRecover

Modern technology has made data recovery possible. With the right tool, you can recover the data you lost in your guest account on Mac. A data recovery tool that has stood out for a lot of people is AnyRecover.

AnyRecover allows Mac guest account users to get all their lost files back easily and quickly. The tool supports over 1000 file types. AnyRecover will help you recover the lost files irrespective of how you lost the files, what’s the format of your files and which storage device you have.

Powered Features of AnyRecover that makes mac guest account data recovery easier:


1,000,000 + Downloads

  • It is capable of recovering lost data from all storage devices including hard drive, camcorders, mobile phones, USB drives, Flash drives, hard drives, and others.

  • The tool supports various files formats including photos, emails, videos, archives, documents, and others.

  • AnyRecover has a unique data recovery algorithm that allows its users to recover unlimited amounts of data.

  • It also supports the files lost in virtual disks or VMware virtual machines.

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Using AnyRecover to recover data lost in the guest account on mac is super easy, let's find out the following steps below.

Step 1. Run AnyRecover on your Mac. Select the mode you need.

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Step 2. Select a disk or a path on your Mac where you lost the files and then tap "Next".

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Step 3. Then select the file types you would like to recover. Click “Scan”.

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Step 4. AnyRecover will locate your lost files and display them. Tap on the files to preview them and then select the ones you want to get back and then tap "Recover". Wait for a while for your lost files recovery.

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3Reasons for Data Loss in a Mac Guest Account

There are a number of data loss causes in a Mac Guest Account. These include:

• Formatting the hard drive volume that stores the guest account information.
• Deleted virtual disk files by mistake
• Interruptions which occur when moving files between the Mac guest account and storage devices.
• Crashing of the hard drive or operating system when the Mac is being used.
• Accidental shutdown or an unintentional restart triggered by software.
• Physical damage affecting the Mac hard drive.
• Files becoming corrupted.
• Overheating which could be a result of poor ventilation.


If you have lost the files you had in your guest account on Mac, don’t worry, you can recover the data. If the Time Machine backup had been enabled by the main admin when your data got lost, you can use it to recover your lost files.  If you don’t have any backup at all. All you need is AnyRecover. It does not matter how you lost the data. In the past, AnyRecover has helped users recover data lost via sudden deletion, formatting, OS crash, virus attacks, etc. With the Free version of AnyRecover, you can easily verify whether it works without paying for it.

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By  James Crawford , to Deleted Files Recovery

Posted on Feb 22, 2019  ( Updated: Dec 16, 2019 )

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