Hidden File Recovery Software Download: Best Choice in 2022

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There is no doubt that getting access to a tool that can help you recover your software or applications is very important. This is because of the frustration such can lead to once you can’t find your files. For instance, these tools have been designed to ensure that you are able to find lost and hidden files in your devices.

The major aim of this post is to reveal some top Hidden File Recovery Software Download facts that you need to know. Don’t use any software unless you’ve read these details from beginning to end.

Part 1. Top 4 Hidden File Recovery Software Download

1. AnyRecover

AnyRecover is simply one of the best tools you can get out there when it comes to software that can help you recover your hidden files in any device. This tool is simply meeting the needs of its users in various ways. It doesn’t really matter how your files were lost as it can help to recover them within a few minutes. And it even works with the latest Windows 11 OS.

With a tool such as AnyRecover, there is no need trying to search for a reliable and trusted tool that can help you recover all of your hidden files. This is because of its advanced features which ensure that file recovery becomes a walk in the park. Some of these features are:



  • Any type of file format can be easily recovered like photos, audios, videos, documents and more.
  • It has been designed to be compatible with different devices like smartphones, PC, camcorder, digital camera, SD card, USB flash drives and others.
  • Files lost in various scenarios can be recovered. These could be due to hard drive crash, emptied bin, lost partition, virus attack, malware attack and more.
  • It is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems.
  • Files can be recovered fast and safely.

Steps to Recover Data with AnyRecover

Below are some of the steps to make effective use of AnyRecover tool.

Step 1: After getting AnyRecover launched, choose the mode which says “All-Round Recovery”.Now, choose the location you would want AnyRecover to search for those hidden files. It could be your system hard drive, USB flash drive, memory card or others. After choosing such a location, "Next" should be clicked on.

all round location

Step 2: You need to choose the type of hidden file you want AnyRecover to recover. These could be video, audio, document, photos or other types of files. After that, click on "Scan" below. AnyRecover will begin to scan your device chosen in Step 2 for the lost files.

all round select file type

Step 3: Once the scanning is complete, all the files found by AnyRecover will be displayed. You can get each of them previewed before clicking on "Recover".

all round recover complete

2. iSkysoft Data Recovery

iSkysoft Data Recovery is a software you can use to recover hidden files from your device today. This is a tool that has been created to help you overcome any obstacle that may want to prevent you from accessing hidden files in Windows 11/10/8/7.


  • Different types of file formats can be recovered like email, graphs, audio, video and more.

  • It can be used in various devices like phones, PCs, SD cards, and others.

  • Data recovery process is very safe.

  • Data recovery process is easy.

  • Data recovery is fast.

  • Over 550 files can be recovered.

  • There is a trial version.

  • The number of files to be recovered is limited as compared to those which AnyRecover can recover.

  • The trial version can only allow the recovery of 100MB files.

3. Yodot File Recovery

Yodot File Recovery is another top tool that can help when it comes to recovering hidden files from your device. In case you don’t find the above options appealing for one reason or another, the use of Yodot File Recovery will definitely help to meet your data recovery needs today.


  • It can be used for both Windows and Mac OS.

  • Deleted and hidden files can be easily restored.

  • It is compatible with various devices like SD card, firmware drive, hard drive, USB drive and others.

  • Different types of files can be recovered like notepad, text files, program files, archives, pdf files, MS word files and others.

  • It is easy to make use of.

  • It is compatible with any version of Windows operating system.

  • It can recover various types of documents like notepad, text files, program files and more.

  • It can only be easily used by those with basic IT knowledge.

  • The files that it can recover are limited.

4. Stellar Data Recovery

Do you want easy-to-use software that can help recover hidden files from your device today with the click of few buttons? If that is the case, there is no need to bother since such is what Stellar Data Recovery has been designed for. This is one of the most effective tools in such a process.

Stellar Data Recovery application has managed to stand out in recent times. It has been meeting the needs of those who are looking for ways to recover hidden files. This couldn’t have been possible without some top features in place. Some of them are:


  • Files can be recovered using its deep scan feature.

  • It is compatible with various versions of Windows Operating System.

  • Any kind of data loss situation can be addressed.

  • Files can be retrieved from multiple devices.

  • File recovery process is very accurate.

  • It is user-friendly.

  • Files can be safely recovered.

  • There is a free version to test out its functions.

  • It is only compatible with Windows operating system.

  • File types to be recovered are limited. This means users may have to search for other tools.

Part 2. Comparison of the 4 Hidden File Recovery Software

Looking at the softwares listed and explained above, it is obvious that they are all very effective when it comes to recovering lost data in Windows 11/10/8/7. However, some of them have got a few limitations. For instance, Stellar Data Recovery, Yodot File Recovery, and iSkysoft Data Recovery are limited in terms of the types of files they can recover as compared to a tool like AnyRecover.

Furthermore, it is obvious that stellar data recovery tool is only compatible with Windows operating systems. The others, on the other hand, can be used on both Mac and Windows systems. Finally, AnyRecover is more flexible in terms of the devices that it accepts as compared to the others.


From the above, it is very obvious that when it comes to recovering hidden files in your device, there are lots of ways to go about such a process. You can decide to use any of the tools which have been mentioned above. AnyRecover seems to be the most effective.

Give Anyrecover a try and see if it is right for you!

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By Alva Doris , to Deleted Files Recovery

Updated: Nov 04, 2022

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