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By Bruno H.

Trustworthy software

Work as expected and recover my files quickly, easy and trustworthy.


By Chris

Excellent service and fast support

Tech support knew exactly what my problem was and resolved the issue quickly. Finally get back all my lost photos and videos. Thanks a lot.


By Bianca


The program worked so well on my corrupt USB, and the staff where so understanding when I cancelled my subscription. Would definitely recommend


By Brooke

No more data loss problem for me

No more data loss problem for me. AnyRecover quickly recovered any data I may have lost. And it is better than expected so far.



My Dad's Drive Partition just got recovered

dear anyrecover, i am just a kid and i am 12 years old.I accidentally delete my dad's drive partition.I search in bing ''how to recover a drive partition.'' And then i see anyrecover and i download it.after i download it , i was praying to God to recover my dad's files. anyrecover recover my dad's files and i was at big relief.thank you anyrecover.may God bless you anyrecover user, Lance


By Mildred

Got things done in a timely manner!

I thought I had lost my data, But tech support took his time and showed me where it was and how to recover it. My problem got solved quickly.


By Simon Marcus

Hi Dray,Aplogies for the late reply. Our support team will send you an email about the issue. Thanks for your understanding.


By Nat B

Over a year's work files were RECOVERED!

I an OVER RELIEVED that my husband found this program! Somehow when cleaning up my computer, it affected my Google Drive files. These files consisted of files I'm required to keep for a certain time period for work AND tons of video footage collected over a year for my YouTube channel. Having to recreate them would have been devastating, not to mention trying to remember all of the topics & authentic ideas. Thank God all my files are back!


By Q Pham




By Peter

I will recommend it to all my friends

Fantanstic. I used it to restore my deleted photos which are impotant to me. And it is very easy to use.

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