Refund Policy

Following is our detailed refund policy. If you cannot find what you are looking for here, then please feel free to contact us. Our team responds quickly on weekdays (usually within 24 hours).

For AnyRecover team, 100% customer satisfaction is a top priority. Our team works very hard to offer all our customers a rich, enjoyable experience through our software and service. If you are not satisfied with our service or software or have any inquiries, please feel free contact our support team at We appreciate your feedback and would love to know how we can improve our product and service to provide you with a better, satisfactory solution.

How to Submit a Refund Request

In order to submit a refund request, you will need to email us at You must provide the following information:

  • Product Name;

  • Your Order ID/Reference Number/Transaction ID;

  • The Email Address That You Used to Make the Purchase;

  • The Reason for Submitting the Refund Request.

Once you have submitted your refund request, we will process it within the next 24 hours on business days on the basis of the terms and conditions described below.

Money Back Guarantee

In order to allow you to test the software, AnyRecover offers a trail version. You can download it for free, then install and test it before deciding to purchase. There are limitations in the trial version of course, that allow you to experience the full functionality of the software, but within certain limits (for instance, you can view the files that are recoverable before the final step). Hence, you will able to make an informed decision about whether the software is exactly what you are looking for, before placing an order.

Apart from the trial version, AnyRecover also comes with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. Keep in mind that if you wish to request a refund, you must submit the request within the 30-day period. We cannot cancel the order or provide refund after this period has expired because this is a “try-before-you-buy” system. You will receive your refund under this guarantee under the following circumstances:

Accepted Circumstances

We provide refunds within the 30-day Money Back Guarantee period under the following circumstances. You will receive your refund into the same account that you used when making a purchase.

  • Unintentional, mistaken, or inadvertent purchase of the optional Registration Backup Service (RBS) or Extended Download Service (EDS) made in addition to the product purchase. We will help you contact the payment platform to refund the cost of RBS or EDS.

  • AnyRecover software has any terminal technical problem which cannot be resolved within the 30-day period after the purchase. If that happens, we will provide full refund providing that you don’t want to wait for an update.

  • You have purchased the same software twice or placed an order for two products with similar features. We will either exchange one product for you or provide you with a full refund for one of the products.

  • You haven’t received the order information within 24 hours after purchase and haven’t received any response within 48 hours from AnyRecover support team. In this case, AnyRecover team may cancel the order and provide you with a full refund (if you request it).

  • You don’t know that the order you placed is auto-renew order because you didn’t receive any auto-renew alert/notification via email before the auto-renew occurred. If that is the case, contact AnyRecover support team within 7 days of the auto-renewal and you will receive your refund.

  • Because of technical issues with the payment platform or other technical reasons, you paid twice or more for one product. If that is the case, AnyRecover team will charge only once for one product and refund any additional payments.

Once your refund is issued, your corresponding AnyRecover license will be permanently deactivated and you are required to remove/uninstall the software from your computer.

Circumstances of No Refund

We cannot offer a refund under the following circumstances. Under these circumstances, AnyRecover may exchange the software for you if you decide that you don’t need the one you purchased.

  • A refund request due to the differences of price between different sellers and regions.

  • A refund request because of the purchase of a similar product from a different seller/provider.

  • A refund request because you intentionally purchased two or more similar products.

  • A refund request that goes against our sales activity terms and requirements.

  • A refund request due to your mistake or for the problem that is irrelevant to the purchased product. For instance, purchase of an incorrect software, downloading an incorrect version, insufficient available disk space on your computer, you changed your mind after placing an order, etc.

  • A refund request because of unauthorized payment or credit card fraud. AnyRecover team cannot monitor authorization during payment because we cooperate with third-party payment processing services. If there is any issue, then it is recommended that you contact your card issuer. AnyRecover team will help you in every possible way.

  • A refund request due to lack of understanding or misunderstanding of the software’s features and functionalities because you didn’t read the product description carefully before making a purchase.

  • A refund request that is based on the complaint that your lost/deleted data cannot be fully recovered. Keep in mind that no data recovery software can guarantee 100% data recovery because data can be easily overwritten or damaged. We recommend that you try the data recovery tool before making a purchase.

  • A refund request because you didn’t receive order information within two hours after placing a successful order. Our system automatically sends the registration email as soon as the payment is received. However, due to certain issues such as system or internet failures, email typo, email spam settings, etc., you may expect some delay. In this scenario, contact AnyRecover support center or visit this link to retrieve the order information.

  • If without any good reason, you refuse to cooperate with AnyRecover support team in order to troubleshoot the software and apply the recommended solutions.

  • A refund request for no valid reason.

AnyRecover team is always here for you to receive your feedback or suggestions at any time. Our support team is always ready to talk and will make every effort to figure out the best way to resolve any issues you may be having with AnyRecover.

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