Cancel Subscription

AnyRecover offers a 1 Month/1 Year License for the product, which will be automatically renewed after one year. However, if you don't want to continue the service, you can cancel the subscription service manually.

Here Is How to Cancel the Auto-renew Subscription

Please follow the guidelines to cancel the auto-renew subscription

1. Please look for the license email in your mail box and find the Cancel subscription link in the email. If you are ready to cancel, please click on the link to cancel.


2. On the Canceling page, you need to click the “Cancel your subscription” button to confirm.


3. After you click the button to confirm, your subscription to the 1 Month/1 Year License will be canceled successfully. If you want to take use of the subscription in the future, you can reactivate it easily by following the instructions on the “Cancelation confirmation” page.