Cancel Subscription

AnyRecover offers a 1 Month/1 Year License for the product, which will be automatically renewed after 1 Month/1 Year. However, if you don't want to continue the service, you can cancel the subscription service manually.

How to Cancel the Auto-renew Subscription from Shareit

Please follow the guidelines below to cancel the auto-renew subscription

Step 1: Log in Your Shareit Account

Go to the official website to enter your Shareit account. You need to check “Customer” under the “Sign in as” tab.
There are two options to sign in:
option 1: input your registered email address in the User ID box;
option 2: you can log in with order number and password.

login my commerce

Note: The password is the exact one when you set up the Shareit account. If you forget the password, click “Request Login/Password”, which will bring you to the password resetting page. Follow the instructions to reset the password and then use the new password to login in your account.

Step 2: Select Auto-renew Subscriptions That You Want to Cancel

After entering your Shareit account, you can see orders which have auto-renew subscriptions. Just click on the reference number of the order you want to cancel.

select order number to cancel

Then it will show the detailed information of this order. Just click on the “Cancel Subscription” button.

cancel auto renewal subscription

Step 3: Confirm And Finish The Canceling Process

When you click “Cancel subscription”, a window will pop up to ask if you are sure to cancel the subscription. Finally, click “Yes” to confirm this operation.

click yes to cancel subscription

Now you’ve successfully finished the process of cancellation. A reminder email of the subscription cancellation from Shareit will be sent to your registered email as well.

confirm subscription has been canceled successfully

Note: If you still don't know how to cancel auto-renew subscription, you can also directly send us an email. Then our customer service staff will help you cancel it.