[Fixed] "The Parameter Is Incorrect" Error in Windows 10/8/7

Windows is one of the best operating systems in the market but still, there are some errors that have been occurring in almost all the versions. "The Parameter is Incorrect" error message prevents the users from accessing the computer's external hard drive or any other storage media like USB and memory card. The main goal is not just solving "The Parameter is Incorrect" error but securing the data or external storage device is also the main motive. Some techniques might solve this error but you might end up losing your important files and data.

In this article on how to fix "the parameter is incorrect" error in Windows without losing data, we will discuss the most effective and simple steps. We are going to discuss the causes of this error and the possible solutions.

Part 1: Possible Reasons for "The Parameter Is Incorrect" Error

Before getting into the details of the solutions, we must go through the possible reasons that can trigger "the Parameter is tncorrect" error message. This error usually occurs when you want to use data from an external storage device connected to your computer. Every error message is displayed whenever something goes wrong in the scheduled working of your computer.

The parameter is incorrect

Here are some reasons that might cause "the Parameter is tncorrect" error message on your computer.

Force Removal of External Devices

We are always in a hurry and don't even have the time to safely remove our external storage devices. When you suddenly pull out the storage device without safely ejecting it, the ongoing process may even destroy some boot records and you will not be able to access data anymore from that device.

USB Port Issues
The USB port is like the middle man that makes communication possible between computer and flash drives. If the port is damaged, it may not only cause the problem for the hardware devices but the system will also show "The Parameter is Incorrect" or "Device is not Accessible" errors.

  Hard Drive's Bad Sectors
  The hard drive is sensitive hardware of computer system and even a single bad sector can corrupt the whole hard disk, resulting in "the Parameter is tncorrect" error message.

Power Failure of External Hard Drive
Unlike the USB and memory card, the external hard drive needs some extra power to transmit data. If the power supply is not working just fine, you will get "the Parameter is tncorrect" error message.

System Corruption
If your system is displaying "drive is not accessible" or "the Parameter is tncorrect" error messages, this might have been caused by file system errors like wrong DBR, FAT, and MFT.

Virus and Malware

Part 2: Solutions to Fix "The Parameter Is Incorrect" Error

Solution 1: Recover Data and Format the External Storage Device

When you format the device to solve the error message, it will erase all the data from your device so backing up the data can be a good choice for this option. Before formatting the external device, you must try to recover the files and data on your external device. Here is the most efficient way to recover the data from your external device. .

STEP 1 Recover Data from External Device with AnyRecover before Formatting

If you are facing problems with accidental data loss from your external storage device, AnyRecover external data recovery tool would be a powerful assistant to recover your data without damage. Recovering the lost data from the external hard drive may seem a long process but it is really a simple process with AnyRecover. The software enables even tech green-hands to recover lost or deleted from any external storage device, including USB flash drive, camcorders and mobile phones, etc.


1,000,000 + Downloads

Features of AnyRecover External Device Recovery Software
  • Recover the lost files without overwriting any other files.

  • Work on almost all the Windows versions inlluding 7, 8 and 10.

  • Support over 1,000 file formats, including pictures, images, videos, emails and archives, etc.

  • Recover data from not only external storage device, but also hard drives.

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Recover Data on External Storage Device with AnyRecover

If you have already installed the tool on your computer, you need to follow the given steps to recover data from the undetected external device before getting get of "the Parameter is tncorrect" error message:

1. Download and install the AnyRecover software in your computer. Open AnyRecover on your computer. Connect the external device to your system that you want to use for the data recovery. Select the problematic device that want to recover data from.

select location

2. After selecting the location, hit “Start” button to start scanning.

start scan

3. You will be displayed the possible files that are available for the recovery. Choose the files that you want to recover and start the recovery process by clicking "Recover". Your selected files will be recovered to your system where you can view and use those recovered files.

scanned files preview

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Format the External Storage Device after Backing up

Now, move these recovered files to any safe location or device and format the external device. When you will format the device, the device will be ready to be reused. After finishing the formatting process, move the files to the external device and reattach to the system and the possible error message will be removed.

Solution 2: Run the CHKDSK Command Prompt to Fix "The Parameter Is Incorrect" Error

Here are simple steps to run the CHKDSK command prompt to fix "the Parameter is tncorrect" error:

Step 1. Connect the external device to your computer.

Step 2. Open a Command Prompt.

For Windows 8.1 and 10 right click on "Start" and select Command Prompt (Admin).

Windows 7 users press Start and type "cmd" into the search box, then press "Ctrl+Shift+Enter" to open Command Prompt with the required administrator privileges.

Step 3. Now type the command, E: /f /r but remember to replace the letter "E" with the name of your external device.

Run CHKDSK command to fix the parameter is incorrect error

After this operation, your system will run a check for the possible errors in your system to solve "The parameter is incorrect" error.


This operation may work for only a few as it will only perform a few operations and your error message might be out of its scope. If this solution does not work for you and you are still getting the same message, try out the solution above for fix your error.


The AnyRecover tool is an all-in-one option to recover any type of lost data. If you value your data, you must download and try this amazing data recovery to protect your data when "the parameter is incorrect" error occurs to yourexternal storage device. If you want to try out the amazing recovery features for free, they are offering a free trial version too. Do not hesitate to go and grab your all-in-one data recovery solution.

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Posted on May 24, 2019  ( Updated: Jun 01, 2020 )

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