[Must-Read] Full Recoverit Review in 2020

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Recoverit is a well-known data recovery software and with so many Recoverit reviews, there are questions about how great it actually is.

Recoverit has been around for a while and markets itself as the perfect data recovery solution for deleted and lost files. Based on the user interface alone the program appears simple enough whilst performing in even the most difficult situations. Since data loss causes users to make quick decisions when they choose a recovery solution, we’re going to explain whether Recoverit data recovery is the best you can obtain.

1 What is Recoverit and How to Use It?

Wondershare Recoverit is a piece of data recovery software that enables users to retrieve data that has been accidentally deleted, corrupted by an operating system crash or virus infection, or just files that have gone missing. It’s available for Mac and Windows computers in the form of a free trial or as a paid tool, and it’s applicable in various environments.

Most Recoverit reviews agree that scanning isn’t as cut and dry as one would expect; a basic scan is run and the option to do a deep scan is displayed afterwards. Deep scans are more thorough and take a greater length of time to finish, but it can find files that quick scans haven’t picked up on.

The process involved in the Recoverit data recovery free guide doesn’t involve the need for a computer expert, the opposite actually. To illustrate how one common situation can be rectified, this is how to restore a deleted file:

Step #1 After purchasing a license for Recoverit, download and install the recovery tool.

Step #2 Click on the “Deleted Files Recovery” mode for this case.

Step #3 Choose whichever hard drive the deleted files were stored on and press “Start” to initiate the data recovery scan.

Step #4 Following the scan all of the deleted files will be recoverable. Use the folder lists on the left sidebar to explore and select your deleted files.

Step #5 Click on the “Recover” button and choose a different folder to safely store the recovered files in.


There are a few flaws with Recoverit which can’t be ignored including the number of supported formats, the limits of the free trial, and the success rate – each of these are inferior when we compare Recoverit data recovery to other solutions.

2 Is Recoverit Safe?

To answer this we must consider how Recoverit is set up because one mistake can lead to permanent data loss.

Let’s say you accidentally delete a file and you quickly download and install the Recoverit data recovery free tool. It’s safe to assume you installed it on your computer as opposed to installing it on an external storage device.

Consequently, and ironically, installing a new program runs the risk of overwriting the lost files. Hence, it is preferable that you install Recoverit on an external storage medium (e.g. external hard drive, memory stick, or a DVD disc).

3 AnyRecover – the Best Alternative to Recoverit

Taking the focus away from our Recoverit reviews, an alternative can be a much better choice if you still have some concerns about it. One particularly effective data recovery software is AnyRecover, and here are some of its key features:


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  • Recover files that have been deleted, lost due to OS crashes, or were infected with a virus.

  • Any file format can be recovered from any storage device.

  • Preview the recovery scan results before finalizing the data restore.

  • Uses a deep scanning algorithm if the quick scan doesn’t discover certain lost files.

  • Easy to use and requires a straightforward process to be used.

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As a Recoverit alternative, we believe that AnyRecover does the best job of recovering computer data. To show you why we think this, this is how you can restore a deleted file.

Step 1 Install and launch AnyRecover on your computer. If the deleted file was on external storage, connect the device now.

Step 2 AnyRecover will display the most common file locations and available hard drives. Select the location where deleted data was stored and press “Start”.

Note: don’t see the location listed? Click “Browse” at the bottom of the list to choose a precise folder manually.


Step 3 The scan will commence and the length of it will depend on how large the target location is. After the scan finishes, go through the results and select the files you previously deleted.


Step 4. Lastly, click “Recover” and choose a new folder to store the deleted data in. It’s crucial that you restore the data to a folder different from its original storage location.


Deleted, corrupt, virus-infected, factory reset, and partition data can all be recovered by using AnyRecover. Following these steps won’t take long and with no expertise, anyone can use this tool.

4 Comparison of Recoverit and AnyRecover Data Recovery

To wrap things up and give you a quick rundown of which software is better, here’s a comparison of the important points to consider when you’re deciding.

Multi-Situational Recovery
Preview Before Recovery
Supported File Types
Free Trial
High Success Rate
System Versions
Monthly Charge


After taking all of this into consideration, we believe that the best data recovery software is AnyRecover. It has a lot more to offer as we’ve explained in our Recoverit reviews and it has the best set of features to make it accustom to every single data loss situation imaginable. In no time at all, and even by using the free trial, it’s quick and easy to recover the files you lost with AnyRecover.

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By  James Crawford , to External Device Recovery

Updated on Jun 12, 2020

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