8 Useful Delete Video Recovery App for Android

2023-02-10 15:56:32
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Losing some important files on your Android device can be extremely serious and, at the same time, annoying, especially when it deals with memories made at an event or about some movies you would want to watch again. This loss may sometimes be an accidental or situational effect; whichever way, the question that comes to mind is always how one can recover these lost files.

In this article, we have compiled some effective delete video recovery apps that can help you recover the videos deleted on your Android device.

Comparison Table of below apps

Data Recovery Application
Safety Complexity Success rate Price After-sales service Rating
Anyrecover 100% Easy 99.7% $49.95 per month
$69.95 for a 1-year plan
$89.95 per lifetime plan
30-Day money back guarantee 5.0
TestDisk   Hard for a computer novice   Free   4.1
FoneLab 100% Easy $44.76 30-day money book guarantee 4.9
R-Studio   Easy   $4975 per year   4.7
Dumpster 100% Easy 100% Free   3.5
Stellar 99.7% Easy   Free   4.5
iBeesoft 100 Easy 99.65% Free trial
$44.99/ Year
60-day money-back guarantee 4.7
Recuva 100% Easy   Free trial
$19.95 for Recuva professional

8 Useful Delete Video Recovery App for Android

1. Anyrecover Data Recovery for Android

Anyrecover is the best video recovery app for Android. AnyRecover has stood out in data recovery with advanced algorithms and rich experience. AnyRecover software easily helps you recover your situational deleted video errors through some friendly steps. It offers the highest level of success rate for any of your Android device data recovery.


Some of our major highlights at AnyRecover are:

  • Recover lost data from phone
  • Recover data from Google Drive
  • Recover data from broken phone
  • Recover data from historical records.

Key steps to use Anyrecover (Android)

The following procedural steps will help you effortlessly recover your deleted videos on your Android device.

Step 1. Get Your Device Ready

Download, install and launch AnyRecover for Android on your Personal computer and opt for a recovery mode that works for your situation: recovering deleted videos on your Android device. Click on Recover Phone Data.

Step 2. Connect Device to Computer

After clicking the Recover Phone Data tab, a pop-up question will display, asking you to connect your device to your PC. Connect the device, and ensure your device is in debugging mode. Then, click start to continue.


When your device is not detected, the on-screen instructions will help you.

Step 3. Choose the Scan Method

Once the computer detects your device, the next line of action is selecting a scanning option that suits your needs. Of the two scan modes, we recommend a full scan if you didn't find your desired files.

Step 4. Obtain Device Information

Now, AnyRecover (Android) will begin to analyze your device and obtain the files automatically. This may take a while, be patient with it.

Step 5. Recover Lost Files

After scanning, the deleted files on your Android device will be listed, allowing you to preview and select your desired file.

To retrieve this file, click the Yes tab, and your data will be successfully recovered. Similarly, you can choose the desired file format of your choice.

2. TestDisk

TestDisk is a freeware data recovery tool used to fix partition tables and recover deleted partitions, rebuild the boot sector, recover deleted files from FAT, and perform other recovery tasks. However, it is a software tool that needs a certain degree of computer expertise.


It can be used and modified for free

It supports Windows Os, Linux, and UNIX

It has no limit to its data recovery


It has no graphical interface

It is majorly made for a computer expertise

When the partition table is utterly damaged, Testdisk may not work.

3. FoneLab Android Data Recovery

FoneLab Android data recovery is another reliable tool with incredibly useful features that help retrieve lost data.


It is easy to use

It is efficient and effective

It is a high-data recovery tool


It is sometimes affected by an unexpected error

It provides slow customer service responses

Its trial version has limited features

4. R-Studio

RStudio is a data science program that enables users to develop, manage and share data in R and Python. It supports code for debugging and workspace management, which can be used to recover lost data.


It uses machine language.

It has a nice user interface

It is friendly to use.


It cannot run multiple queries at the same time

Slow speed

Poor security

5. Dumpster

It is a tool that allows the restoration of accidental or situational deleted documents, photos, movies, etc., to the SD card. It is only effective when installed before the accidental occurrence of data loss.


It is an integration of many languages of the world

It is a good recycling tool

It is most times a default tool on Android device


Sometimes, its performance is slow.

It increases the system maintenance time

It is only effective when it has been installed before data loss.

6. Stellar data recovery

This is a leading data care corporation with higher proficiency in Data Recovery. Based on its wide acceptance over the year, it is a reliable tool that can be used to recover lost videos.


It has advanced scanning technology

It provides any file format

It is free


macOS does not support it.

Scanning takes a long time.

7. iBeesoft Data Recovery   

This is another unique and outstanding data recovery tool with a buildup that is capable of recovering partially destroyed files to their original nature. It is safe, easy, and efficient.


Its interface is easy to use.

It can recover files that are partially destroyed

It is built for both Mac and Windows


Its deep scan can be very slow at times.

It only recovers 2GB of data or files for free

It doesn't provide backup to a third-party platform.

8. Recuva (Android)

It is a free file recovery tool that helps recover lost documents, music, photos, videos, etc., from a PC/Mac, USB drive, CD, and many more. It is safe to download without viruses or malware.


It has an affordable pricing

It has a free trial offer

Easy-to-use interface


It can't recover many files

It allows only professionals to recover files from virtual hard drives

Only applicable on Windows.


Data crashes can be one of the most unpleasant things one can experience while using one's Android device. However, this compilation of recommendations on some reliable delete video recovery apps will help you scale the hassle of battling with lost video files in seconds. They are simple, efficient, and reliable.

Do you need further assistance with our recommendations? Feel free to contact us.

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