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By Adrian

I got 5 gb of videos back

My wife was devastated when she accidentally deleted all the videos we had recorded on an SD card of our wedding, those videos are precious to us. After doing brief research online, we bought AnyRecover and it didn't let us down. All our video files are recovered with good quality. Thank you!


By Tara

It actually worked!

I opened my essay document that was autosaved from the night before but when I opened the document all that I had written was erased. I followed the instructions to recover unsaved documents and it actually worked. Thank you so much what a relief, now I do not have to start my essay all over. Thanks again


By Hugo

Nothing to complain about

Nothing to complain about this software. Received the registration code immediately after making a purchase. The recovery process is easy as advertised, I only need to click a few buttons. The lost files are back safely.


By Leshi Ile

I tried the free version and then made purchase

My SD card was accidentally formatted but I still needed those documents. After searching on Google, I found AnyRecover and glad that they provide a free trial version. So I downloaded the software, it did find out my files after scanning, but the free version only allows me to recover 3 files. I have purchased the pro version, now all my files are back, thank you anyrecover!


By Sidharth

Pictures recovered from emptied recycle bin!

Thought our family photo album was gone when I emptied the recycle bin, but AnyRecover got them all back, so incredible! Always remember to create a backup, by the way.


By Chris John

It did the job and recovered my documents!

It did the job and recovered my excel workbooks and presentations from an sd card that didn't show any files on my computer, maybe it's corrupted and I thought I'd lost all data, which are essential to me. Thankfully, this program was able to dig out and retrieve all the files, worth the money!


By Lily Sumer

A satisfied customer

I'm 100% satisfied with the anyrecover program! I don't need to be a technician to use the software, the steps are simple. It did recover my business documents from a formatted USB drive, really a life-savor to me, thank you!


By Fawad Malik

Lost data were back!

Issue resolved! All of my photos were recovered from the memory card used on my digital camera, very impressive by its ability.


By Daisy

Great after-sales support

Kaylee was my support tech when I had a problem with recovering deleted files from corrupted SD card. Somehow the card was not detected by my PC and therefore cannot perform data recovery. Kaylee even guided me to let Windows recognize the SD card, and finally I was able to extract the essential files. Thank you Kaylee, you are wonderful!


By Jeff Lee

A bit expensive, but worth it

A few days I lost all my videos stored on an SD card because Windows asked me to format it, and I had no choice. Luckily, AnyRecover helped me recover all the video files without compromising quality. Thanks a lot!!

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