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Easy program

This program is one of the best programs I have ever used. It is easy to use and I had a nice time navigating through the icons.


By fifi

Life Saver!

I thought I couldn't retrieve my permanantly deleted files at first. After much despair, retrieval works! M grateful.


By Lee

Recovered a corrupted SD card

This software is fantastic. The SD card in my phone containing irreplaceable videos and photos had somehow become corrupted. The phone wanted me to format the card but I searched around and found this software and I'm very glad I did as I was able to recover all that I was thinking I'd lost forever.


By Joy Doug

AnyRecover Saved MyLife

Thanks to the wonderful team that created this software. Helped recovered all deleted items from flash drive. You saved my life Thank you. Can't thank you team enough.


By Ahmed abdulazez

Im happy :)

Thanks to all the developers team for any recover, you helped me get my videos back.Thanks to all the developers team for any recover, you helped me get my videos back.


By Steven

Try it for free before buying

Before making a purchase, I used the software for free to scan my external drive to make sure I can recover my files, and it did find out the files I need. After reaching the 3-file limit, I bought the one-month license and got all my files back, a great experience.


By Mark Gallen

I had everything back!

I had everything back from the pen drive and the recovery process is easy as they advertised, Although the price is a bit high, it's worth it.


By Alexandra

Anyrecover saved me!

Anyrecover saved me from a disaster. I left the USB drive plugged in the computer while I was away for a while, and my son deleted several essential business documents. I turned to this software for help, it truly recovered all my files and retain their originality. I'm so grateful!


By Soufiane Sabiri

Like the file filter feature

The program helped me recover lost data from hard drive, even including the ones deleted a long time ago. I especially like the file filter feature, which allows me to locate the needed files quickly. Although you need some patience because it takes a while to finish scanning.


By Nemanja Belja

Saved my bacon

Accidentally deleted files from my laptop and emptied the trash, AnyRecover saved my bacon! It was able to dig out the permanently deleted files and gave them back to me, high recommend this program.

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