Everything You Should Know About Telegram Plus

2021-09-02 14:56:54
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The widely used chat app Telegram provides an API for users to create their own non-official Telegram versions, among which Telegram Plus Messenger is a popular one. Many other third-party versions are nearly identical with the original Telegram as the source code is almost the same – the developers have just changed the name and theme. Then what about Telegram Plus?

As the developers of Telegram Plus genuinely wish to make a difference, what's new about Telegram Plus Messenger? In this post, you will get to know more about the features and details of Telegram Plus Messenger and why it is equally safe and robust as the original app. Now let's get started!

telegram plus

Part 1. What Is Telegram Plus Messenger?

Telegram is a cloud-based online messaging application that is free and open-source. End-to-end encrypted video calling, VoIP, file sharing, and various other features are available with this service. Due to these unique features, Telegram is gaining popularity. And to every user's surprise, recently, a revised version known as Telegram Plus Messenger emerges onto the market.

So what is Telegram Plus Messenger? Telegram Plus is a modification for the popular chat app built by the same team as WhatsApp Plus. This new enhanced version uses a unique code base that is independent of the original Telegram. Therefore, it has all the fundamental messaging functions of Telegram and at the same time some additional ones, including the ability to change the interface color and theme. This excellent app also allows you to share music with contacts and hide your phone number in the group. The notification that users will receive when a screenshot is taken in private conversations is another unique feature.

telegram plus

What's more, Telegram Plus is designed to be considerably quicker and smoother than the original. Using an infrastructure distributed worldwide to connect users to the nearest possible server, it is the fastest messaging application in the market. And it is 100% free and will always be.

One user Johnnyrollz says, "I use Plus Messenger because of its features and that all chats are divided into tabs. It makes finding users easier, and I don't have to scroll through dozens of chats to find what I'm looking for." Basically, people love the refined version.

Part 2. Telegram Plus VS Telegram

As Telegram Plus is a more refined application to Telegram, what differs it from the original version? In this section we'll focus on the new options you'll find in Telegram Plus that aren't available in the original app.

1. User Interface for the Home

When you first start Telegram Plus, you'll notice that the user interface for the home is somewhat different from the regular Telegram app, rendering a new kind of user experience.

2. Customization Options

Telegram Plus comes with incredible customization service and let every user to design his own Telegram of unique style. You can change colors, and sizes of many objects such as text, icons, avatars, and headers within Telegram without any hassle.

telegram plus customization

3. Chats and Call Options

Telegram app has call options inside the chat menu and history on the main menu. But Telegram Plus separates conversations and calls into two different tabs, similar to the popular platform WhatsApp.

4. Delivery of Images

Another significant distinction between these two is the delivery of images. In Telegram, the photos are delivered with a frame that makes the image appear considerably smaller in the chat context. While Telegram Plus shows pictures without generating image margins. In this way, images look a lot more comfortable can be displayed in full screen version.

5. Bubble Mode

Telegram Plus features a new bubble-free messages view. This mode aims to provide more excellent space within conversations for a better arrangement of text and media in messages.

bubble free messages

6. Night Mode

Telegram Plus has a separate night mode tab in the left-hand menu that you may use anytime you need it. In Telegram, you cannot find a night mode option. To get the same effect of night mode, you need to take a different approach, i.e., changing the theme to dark mode.

Besides, the night mode feature in Telegram Plus automatically uses light sensor technology and can switch to night mode intelligently.

7. Saved Messages

One nice feature of Telegram Plus is the ability to save messages. There is a separate Saved Messages location in Telegram Plus, which gives you easy access to all your exchanged media files, posts, and documents. In this way, you can save message a lot faster and locate them more conveniently.

saved messages

In Telegram, it will take many steps to find stored messages, which sometimes spoil users' mood.

8. Swiping Features

Swapping from one chat to another is more straightforward and quicker in the Telegram Plus app than in the original Telegram client, making the using more convenient and more efficient.

swiping features

In Telegram Plus's conversations, several new swiping motions have been implemented. If you want to move between chats or calls, just swipe left or right in the conversation list. Besides, you may share a message by swiping right, and you can reply to it by swiping left.

9. Preview function

Conversation previewing are another feature of Telegram Plus. With this feature, you will be able to see the contents of the chat page without having to open it. Instead, you can simply press on any chat for a few seconds and wait for a pop-up with new messages to display at the top of the discussion list. This functionality is available in the calls tab as well as in individual and group discussions. At the bottom of each preview window, you'll find various choices such as mute, pin, discard, and read.

In reality, this function is a more exciting version of Telegram's "ghost mode". As a result, you may read a message without visiting the chat tab to see the received messages.

Part 3. Is Telegram Plus Messenger Safe?

Telegram Plus is as safe as many other chat apps are. It makes use of the Telegram API, so one does not need to panic over their essential files or voice notes being misused.

  • Telegram Plus does not share any of its users' or devices' data with other parties. If you are using secret chats in Telegram, you can get a high level of end-to-end encryption. None of the screenshots or messages in secret chats will be shared with this chat app. Moreover, the messages can also be programmed for self-destruct.

  • telegram plus secret chat
  • In addition to that, you get the option to delete your messages and messages from other users.

  • And your phone number can be easily hidden from the options menu and settings.


Telegram is a chat app based on cloud service. It offers various incredible features like video calling, sharing of pictures, documents, videos, and much more. As a modified version of Telegram, Telegram Plus has gained immense popularity quickly, and the credit goes to its unique and fantastic features. If you get interested in this app after knowing about it through this comprehensive post, give it a shot yourself.

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