AnyRecover (Android) FAQs

Get answers about AnyRecover for Android technical questions.

1. Which version is better, the trial or the paid version?

The trial version only allows you to scan and preview data on your Android phone. If you want to recover unlimited data, you'd better purchase the full version.

2. Can I recover data from my Android phone without rooting it?

Yes. Anyrecover for Android can easily recover deleted files without rooting. You can export them as 11+ types.

3. Is it possible to recover lost data after a factory reset?

It only works when your device's database file is existing and complete. The factory reset will wipe out the database, so it will be useless to recover data. Unless you back up your data, nothing will work.

4. How to recover deleted WhatsApp data on my phone?

There are 4 ways to recover WhatsApp data. You can recover data not only from Android, but iOS.

  • Recover WhatsApp data from Device Stroage
  • Recover WhatsApp data from Google Drive
  • Recover WhatsApp data from iTunes Backup
  • Recover WhatsApp data from History Records
  • For more information about WhatsApp recovery, you can click here.

    5. Why does the program not find all the deleted data after scanning?

    Most likely, the deleted data has already been overwritten. So you won't find the deleted data. To avoid this situation, please do not use your device continuously after data loss.

    6. Where can I find the recovered data?

    All the recovered data are saved on your computer in the folder you selected before. Please remember the location of the folder you have chosen. Then you will find your data.

    7. Can I use my phone when using the program? And how to exit downloading and recovery mode?

    When you are using Anyrecover, you can't use your phone as normal since your phone is in downloading and recovery mode.

    To get back to normal, you can click on the Exit Recovery Mode button at the scanning results interface. When your device is already in downloading and recovery mode, you'll be asked if you want to exit the mode. Simply choose YES.

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