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By Preston

All deleted files was found.

All deleted files was found. I recovered the deleted file I want.


By pennysheppard

Thank you...

Thank you- this saved my nerves when I thought I had lost all my Yellowstone/Grand Tetons/Colorado adventure pics. Easy and user friendly.


By Rhona

Gracias, muy fácil de usar...

Gracias, muy fácil de usar, recuperé el archivo. Gracias


By andrew

The program works well...

The program works well, but takes forever. 40 hours to scan my 4Tb drive. The biggest issue though is that there is no facility to save the scan. My computer has been on for 3 days solid and I've reached a point where I just don't want to search for files any more. It has saved a lot of essential files though, which is great.


By Clifford

i found my deleted file. Thank you.

i found my deleted file. Thank you.


By mnscards

Recovered all of the Files..

Recovered all of the Files.. took a long Long Long time.. Just wish I can save my Scan so I can come back to it later without Re-scanning again... Scanning takes hours and Hours and then Recoevery takes Hours & hours and I had a Power outage, than had to rescan again,... If I can save the Scan, i can save a LOT of time... I love the Program, just wish it had some utilities to help you once you found the Files. like Save List-Sort files, Make a List of what to Recover etc and Prgram would all


By Quintina

Grazie mille...

Grazie mille ho ripristinato quello che avevo eliminato definitamente. Siete i migliori e continuate così!!!! Dio vi benedica :-D


By Audrey

very good app

very good app


By chelsea

I am SHOCKED I was able to recover...

I am SHOCKED I was able to recover every single photo (both RAW and JPEG) that I had accidentally formatted and written over... and for so much less than I was quoted by a professional recovery service who told me they "probably couldn't" recover my files anyway, without even looking at my memory card. I am so thrilled... I'm a professional photographer and this has saved me from having to write a VERY PAINFUL email to a client about lost files. Thank you thank you thank you!!!


By Kasandra

i will definitely buy the license next time...

i will definitely buy the license next time i need the program! i just recovered 16gb of data. thank you!

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