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2018-11-20 11:25:51

By Denial

Effective and Simple!

Effective application for data recovery with a clean and intuitive interface

2018-11-19 17:56:38

By Andrea

Fantastic tool for a great price !

I have mistake went format my disk drive, I had tried a lot of software but inefficient. AnyRecover rescues a lot of my data, thank you so much!

2018-11-18 16:33:45

By Margarita

Excellent software and service!

Super easy to use interface; a thorough, DEEP penetrating scan and recovery tool. The product absolutely delivered upon it's purpose.

2018-11-18 10:15:36

By jorge

Great Tool!

I was able to recover data from my external hard drive. Even though it was reformated. One of the most useful features of this software is that it has a All-Round Recovery feature that enable me to recover all the files I lost. It is a very useful software and would definitely recommend.

2018-11-16 16:41:15

By Ken

User friendly control panel

Very useful and successful product. I would recommend. Fast and smart. Thanks

2018-11-15 15:55:12

By michelle

Thank you so much AnyRecover!

I am very grateful for Anyrecover, it is awesome! I have already installed this application on my Windows 10 and it has helped me to recover all the files I accidentally deleted from my computer!

2018-11-13 05:15:43

By Henrik

quick process

quick process , and recovered all my data , I really can't say just how much I appreciate the work the software has done

2018-11-09 12:42:18

By Keegan

Highly recommended!

I accidentally deleted all files from my hard drive. The worse thing is that I am an inexperienced computer user. I sought the help of the Internet and had been looking for different ways of recovery, finally, I choose this program. "AnyRecover" turned out to be easy to use. It did not take more than half an hour to recover all my files! I was so happy! I really recommend this program to those who are faced with the same problem.

2018-11-06 18:09:57

By Stephen

not bad

fast, professional service with positive results. Thanks!

2018-11-01 14:45:00

By Johan

fast and easy to use

Through an unfortunate set of circumstances we found ourselves in a situation where we were at a huge risk of losing years of our customer and sales data. AnyRecover software worked perfectly and helped us get back nearlly ALL of our data. Hopefully this never happens again but if it does I'm going straight to use this software!!

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